Waxworks ~ interactive code wheel online


Copy Protection Code Wheel

Waxworks uses 3-ply codewheel like the Horrorsoft's previous game Elvira II. When copy protection screen appears, the game show four element -- Egyptian Symbol, Monster name, Location, Object name -- and a numpad to type in. The instructions from game manual follows:

You face a sinister butler. You are pleasantly surprised when he asks you for a ticket instead of attacking you. How nice, you think. But if you don't provide him with the right number, your relief may be short-lived. On your screen you will see several symbols and names that help you determine the four-digit ticket number he requires. The following instructions use the information on your screen. Please follow the instructions carefully.

  1. Take out the codewheel that was provided with your official version of the game.
  2. Find the EGYPTIAN SYMBOL on the outer ring of the codewheel that matches the EGYPTIAN SYMBOL displayed on your screen. Find the MONSTER on the middle ring that matches the MONSTER displayed on your screen. Rotate the outer ring of the codewheel until the EGYPTIAN SYMBOL lines up with the MONSTER on the middle ring of the codewheel.
  3. Find the LOCATION on the inner ring that matches the LOCATION displayed on your screen. Rotate the inner ring so the LOCATION lines up under both the EGYPTIAN SYMBOL and MONSTER. You have finished moving the rings around.
  4. Find the OBJECT NAME on the inner ring Don't move the ring. Just look all around the inner wheel until you find it.
  5. Locate the cutout window immediately above the OBJECT NAME. You should see a four-digit number (####).
  6. Enter the number using your mouse to click the keypad on the screen.
The Game

Waxworks is a first-person dungeon crawl style RPG game. The player mainly moves around a series of tight corridors using a bitmap sprite-based point-and-click interface picking up items, solving puzzles, and engaging in combat with various horrific creatures such as zombies. During combat players can target individual body parts such as head and arms.

Instructions: You can turn the wheel by drag & move the mouse over or press the left/right arrow keys on your keyboard or by click on arrow-buttons. At the top of the page, click on layer buttons to select Active code wheel layer.