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Items fall into 10 categories: Weapons, shields, armor, helms, gloves, musical instruments, figurines, rings, wands, and miscellaneous. Only one item of each type can be equipped for use at any one time. For example, two different shields cannot be used at once to protect a character, though the spare shield could be toted around.

Some tips: Generally, the more expensive the item is, the better it works. Almost like real life. There are no cursed or bad items, unlike real life. Don't be stingy. Equip your fighters with the best armor, weapon, shield, helmet and gauntlets money can buy. After all, he can't take it with him...


SBSkara Brae (including Garth's Equipment Shoppe)
SeSewers Level 1,2,3 (including Wine Cellars)
CaCatacombs Level 1,2,3
HCHarkyn's Castle Level 1,2,3
KTKylearan's Tower
MTMangar's Tower Level 1,2,3,4,5

Item Abbreviations

FGNabbreviation for Figurine, a magical statuette which can come to life.
MTHRabbreviation for Mithril, an elven metal with magical qualities.
ADMTabbreviation for Adamant, another magical metal.
DMNDabbreviation for Diamond, one of the hardest substances known to man or monster.