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Bard's Tale 1 has four spellcaster classes: Conjurer, Magician, Sorcerer, Wizard. New spell levels can be purchased for every 3 character levels earned.
Leveling up spells ~ when leveling up at the Review Board, learning a new spell level costs the following gold:

Level 2 1000
Level 3 2000
Level 4 4000
Level 5 7000
Level 6 10000
Level 7 20000

Mages who have learned at least 3 spell levels in an art may elect to change to another mage class at any time. Thus, a level 5 conjurer could choose to become a level 1 magician. His experience points would be reset to 0, but he would retain his previous attributes, hit points, spell points, and all knowledge of his conjurer spells, however; once a mage leaves a magic art, he cannot return to it.

A mage can become a conjurer, magician, or sorcerer as a second class. A mage can become a conjurer, magician, sorcerer, or wizard as a third class. A mage who has knowledge of all 7 levels of spells in all 4 classes is called an Archmage, and is one of the most powerful personages in the world of The Bard's Tale.

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