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There are about thirty spells corresponding to different levels of experience. Only three classes can cast spells: scholars, magicians and druids. Spells are specific to each of these classes. By increasing experience level, the character acquires higher level spells. The effectiveness of a spell (impact, duration) depends on the experience level of the spell-caster. The higher the level, the more powerful the spell will be.
Casting spells requires a degree of psychic energy. If the character does not have enough, the spell will have no effect. The more powerful the spell, the more energy it will consume.

In the Ishar 2 there are 8 character classes (not only 3, as manual describes) that can cast spells. There is a list sorted by quantity:
magician - will have 19 spells at a higher levels
scholar - will have 13 spells at a higher levels
druid - will have 5 spells at a higher levels
occult monk witch - will have 4 identical spells at a higher levels
paladin priest priestess - will have 2 identical spells at a higher levels