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max. 3 chars
B I U S Color Map Img
* only for "Label" note type
* only for "Label" note type
used for sorting maps
  starts with number
  starts with number
Clear entire map area in all layers
Fill entire map layer with active tool as pattern...
Transform: Move map in direction (cut the content outside of map area!)
copy & paste this code to store your map anywhere as text
paste your map stored as text to this area and press load button
  * Search: type any part of game name...
  * Search: type any part of map name...

Save map content as Image (png)

* standard HTML5 compatibile browser required for this feature

DJ's Dungeon Mapper

Version: 1.20

Author: Martin "DJ" Schmidt

Homepage: http://www.oldgames.sk/dungeon-mapper/

Copyright © 2012-2015 by Martin Schmidt

You can download offline version of Dungeon Mapper as zip archive and run it by mapper.html file in your browser...