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Terminator, The: Rampage
Terminator, The: Rampage
OldGames.sk contains many of the classic good old games for free download for platforms such as PC DOS, Amiga, Commodore 64, Apple II, Macintosh, Sega Genesis, NES, and SNES. Our goal is to revitalize old DOS games by making an install packages containing compiled old games with an emulator for modern systems (Windows XP/2000/Vista/7) that is configured for easy and trouble-free use, or you can play some games on-line in your browser through Flash/Java applet.
You can also "re-live" the good old days with the help of DOSBox, it can run plenty of the old classics that don't run on your new computer!
For all cartographers and retro-players who loves creating the maps especially for classic grid-based dungeon crawlers, we prepared a simple and functional program - Dungeon Mapper - for drawing maps directly in browser.
Collector's section contains a list of old original boxed games that users have at home in the shelf, with detailed description and photos and you can always add there your own online.
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Actual articles on blog:
King's Bounty: The Legend - Web
 author: dj 05.05.2018   
Fansite web k výbornej ťahovej stratégii King's Bounty: The Legend od ruských vývojárov Katauri Interactive z roku 2008. Obsahuje prehľadné tabuľky predmetov, jednotiek, manželiek, detí s podrobnosťami, interaktívne (radarové) mapky všetkých oblastí s databázou väčšiny NPC postáv, budov, questov a ďalších ako markery na mape. Všetko v príjemnom modernom "responzívnom" dizajne ;-)
Ve stínu magie - deník hráče
 author: perdol 27.01.2018   
Ke hře Ve stínu magie mám takový zvláštní vztah. V devadesátých letech jsem jako teenager hltal ve velkém časopisy jako Level a Score. Většinou jsem byl nadšený, ale také trošku smutný, že hry na mé Atari 800 XL v nich zmiňovány nebyly. V roce 1996 jsem pak koketoval, že bych rozbil prasátko a koupil Amigu. No a v té divoké, rozpolcené době jsem v Levelu objevil recenzi na tuto hru určenou výhradně právě pro Amigu. Nevím proč, ale uvízla mi v paměti. Asi to udělal ten název, prostě se mi vpil do mozku. Teď totiž, dámy a pánové, otevírám novou kapitolu svého života a tuto hru si zahraju. A dám do toho své srdce. Držte mi palce.
Actual projects at oldgames.sk:
Dungeon Heroes
 author: Spiky 25.02.2014   
Dungeon Heroes is an RPG in the classic dungeon crawler style. Game features turn based combat, different characters to choose from, spell creation, equipment enhancement, tricky puzzles, hidden corridors and secret rooms, intense boss fights, etc. We began working on Dungeon Heroes at the start of 2014, and we're happy to share the results of our work with you. The demo contains the first level of the dungeon and introduces the story and the major features of the game...

Latest old games:
Bard's Tale Trilogy (Remastered)
75% / 81% ( added: 31.08.2018 )  
[ Download Bard's Tale Trilogy @ GOG.com (buy) ]
2018, Krome Studios   [ RPG ]
The Bard's Tale Trilogy was released in 2018 by Brian Fargo's comapny inXile Entertainment as a remaster of original versions from 1985 (1986, 1988). Remake was created by developers from Krome Studios with respect to the original game using Unity engine. Inspired by Apple IIgs / Atari ST version, the graphics of animated 2D images were hand-drawn in the same style into the higher resolution, while the graphics of the 3D view are completely three-dimensional. All the textures are faithful to the original and the whole style, the movement remained classic grid-base (square by square) with the possibility of mouse look in 3D window. From a gaming perspective, remaster allows a few simplifications (in Legacy Options can be turned off), adds an automap, new portraits and, for example, the player has the ability to create female characters...
Castle of the Winds I: A Question of Vengeance
65% / 55% ( added: 11.05.2018 )  
[ Download Castle of the Winds 1+2 - Package v2.07 (exe) ]
1993, SaadaSoft - Rick Saada   [ RPG ]
Castle of the Winds is a tile-based roguelike game for Microsoft Windows 3.x, developed by Rick Saada - SaadaSoft in 1989-1993. The first part of the game - A Question of Vengeance, released as shareware and around 1998 was given into the public domain and provided as Freeware by the Author. The game differs from most roguelikes in a number of ways. Its interface is mouse-dependent, but supports keyboard shortcuts. The player begins in a tiny hamlet, near which he/she used to live. His/her farm has been destroyed and godparents killed. After clearing out an abandoned mine, the player finds a scrap of parchment that reveals the death of the player's godparents was ordered by an unknown enemy...
LEO - Žhavá čísla
45% / 70% ( added: 16.03.2018 )  
[ Download LEO: Žhavá čísla - Package v2.07 (exe) ]
1996, Vladimír Peníška Corporation   [ Logic ]
Leo - Žhavá čísla (Hot numbers) is a simple puzzle game with numbers assigned to adult category. It was created by the developer group Vladimir Peniska Corporation and published by Petr Vochozka in cooperation with a well-known erotic magazine LEO from which he bought a license and photos. This is a game for 1-2 players, where a chessboard containing 7x7 boxes with numbers from -12 to +12 must one in the horizontal and the other in the vertical direction collect the highest sum. Clicking on the number box will reveal part of the background on each level forming a digitized erotic photo of a Leo girl. Overall the game contains 12 levels...
Ve stínu magie
50% / 68% ( added: 29.01.2018 )  
[ Download Ve stínu magie pre Amigu (adf) ]
1996, Division   [ RPG ]
Ve stínu magie (In the Shadow of Magic) is a classic dungeon-crawler with a grid-based movement and real-time battles for the Amiga platform, which was developed by one of the most active demo groups of the 90's in the Czech Republic - Division. The player controls a group of two heroes who can choose from 8 presets, including the original names (Žalud, Zefir, Křikloun, Erondil, Duclík, Čimbrak, Tyamin, Čáryfuk)...
David Wolf: Secret Agent
45% / 55% ( added: 19.01.2018 )  
[ Download David Wolf: Secret Agent - Package v2.07 (exe) ]
1989, Dynamix, Inc.   [ Action ]
David Wolf: Secret Agent is an action-based interactive movie published by Dynamix in 1989. Several action scenes allow the player to attempt to perform various feats for David Wolf, such as flying a hang glider while shooting down enemies, racing down a highway while dueling with enemy cars and helicopters, or landing on an enemy parachutist or landing on top of a moving truck. The protagonist is David Wolf, a secret agent serving an intelligence agency named Peregrine. A criminal organization called Viper has stolen a SF-2a "Shadowcat" stealth fighter and kidnapped its chief designer, Dr. Kelly O'Neill, intending to deliver a nuclear bomb to Washington, D.C...
78% / 77% ( added: 02.10.2017 )  
[ Download Vaporum @ GOG.com (buy) ]
2017, Fatbot Games   [ RPG ]
Vaporum is a grid-based, single-player and single-character dungeon crawler RPG seen from the first person perspective in an original steampunk setting, developed by Slovak 4-man studio - Fatboy Games. Inspired by old-school games like Dungeon Master, the Eye of the Beholder series, and the most recent Legend of Grimrock. Stranded in the middle of an ocean, in front of a gigantic tower, the hero has to find out what the place is, what happened there, and most importantly, who he is...
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
85% / 86% ( added: 12.08.2017 )  
[ Download Abe's Oddysee Demo (zip) ]
1997, Oddworld Inhabitants Inc.   [ Action ]
Abe's Oddysee is a 2D platform game developed by Oddworld Inhabitants, in which players take control of the character Abe - a Mudokon slave at the RuptureFarms meat processing factory, to travel across separate screens: solving puzzles, navigating obstacles, and avoiding enemies. Abe has the ability to telepathically control Sligs (a type of non-player character), but can only use this in safe areas. Flying orbs in certain areas also prevent Abe's telepathy by zapping him. Once Abe successfully possesses a Slig, Abe can use them to attack other enemies and activate mechanisms dangerous to himself, and can then destroy them...

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 Bard's Tale 1: Tales of the Unknown
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 Bard's Tale Trilogy (Remastered)
Bard's Tale Guide (html website) [english] | 31.08.2018
 Bard's Tale Trilogy (Remastered)
Download Bard's Tale Trilogy @ GOG.com (buy) | 31.08.2018
 Bard's Tale Trilogy (Remastered)
Recenzia, Wartin [cz] | 07.07.2018
 Spellcross: The Last Battle
Video, Gameplay | 03.07.2018
 LEO - Žhavá čísla
Review by Zerodin [en] | 11.06.2018
 Terminator 2029, The
Download Castle of the Winds 1+2 - Package v2.07 (exe) | 11.05.2018
 Castle of the Winds I: A Question of Vengeance
Map - The Fizzbuttle Ocean (jpg) | 02.05.2018
 Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers get all the Girls
Download Ve stínu magie (HWA package) | 19.04.2018
 Ve stínu magie
Video, Let's play (en) | 19.04.2018
 Ve stínu magie
Download Ve stínu magie pre Amigu (adf) | 19.04.2018
 Ve stínu magie
Hint Book (pdf) | 16.04.2018
 Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail
Recent originals in collections: (20)
kloki38 | 06.11.2018
 Crusader: No Remorse (1995)
halo123 | 28.10.2018
 Orion Burger (1996)
halo123 | 28.10.2018
 X-Com Apocalypse (1997)
halo123 | 28.10.2018
 The Last Dynasty (1994)
halo123 | 28.10.2018
 Deathtrap Dungeon (1998)
halo123 | 28.10.2018
 Krazy Ivan (1997)
halo123 | 28.10.2018
 Abuse (1996)
kloki38 | 29.08.2018
 Ravenloft 2: Stone Prophet (1995)
halo123 | 15.08.2018
 Cyber Gladiators (1997)
halo123 | 14.08.2018
 Mechwarrior 4 Vengeance (2000)
halo123 | 14.08.2018
 Populous The Beginning (1998)
halo123 | 14.08.2018
 Need for Speed, The (1995)
halo123 | 14.08.2018
 Shellshock (1996)
halo123 | 14.08.2018
 Metaltech: Earthsiege 2 (1996)
halo123 | 14.08.2018
 Destruction Derby (1995)
halo123 | 14.08.2018
 Darklight Conflict (1997)

New comments: (10)
lasice | 25.10.2018, 17:07
 Ultima VIII: Pagan
ja to mel na myslim na 7i 5,25" disketach, nemel jsem original ;) ale snad se mi brzo dostane do ruky
MickTheMage | 25.10.2018, 16:29
krank: cca 12 hodin.
DJ | 25.10.2018, 14:47
 Bard's Tale Trilogy (Remastered)
Vcera prebehol najnovsi update, tak som si to po dlhsom case pustil. Zlepsena hromada drobnosti v systeme, interface aj grafike, velmi prijemne prekvapenie. Navyse taka drobnost ako pridanie grafickych efektov kuziel (mimo boj) fakt potesi, hned ma...
krank | 21.10.2018, 22:30
Dalsi otazka: Dohral to nekdo? Next question: Anybody finish it? Hraju ted Anvil of dawn a zda se to byt nekonecne. Zda se ze Vaporum budu hrat az v duchodu...
Sova | 21.10.2018, 21:00
 Ultima VIII: Pagan
JoJo Pagan je fantastycka hra.My sme si pre zmenu po vikendoch medzi sebou poziciavaly zvukovu kartu.A este si pamatam ako si niekto v partii kupil cd hru i ked nemal cd mechaniku a chodilo sa to hravat inemu kamaratovy ktory ju mal.To sa neda zabudn...
ten remake jsem tenkrat taky chvili hral, ted bych si ale spise zahral puvodni verzi ;)
Pred pár rokmi som dohral remake tejto hry v engine Dungeon Siege pod názvom Ultima V: Lazarus. Remake je zdarma, len potrebujete mať nainštalovanú hru Dungeon Siege, ktorá je k dostaniu na Steame za cca 7 Eur. Pôvodnú Ultimu V som nehral, takže nevi...
lasice | 21.10.2018, 13:37
 Ultima VIII: Pagan
vzpomínám si, že jsem tenkrát měl jako jeden z mála 8MB RAM na svojí 486 a mohl jsem si vychutnat mluvené slovo :D bejvalo kvůli tomu u mě docela narváno :D
lasice | 21.10.2018, 13:32
 Ultima VIII: Pagan
baví mě to a baví mě to hodně, pokud mám trochu času tak to zapnu a pokračuji ve hledání cesty jak z Paganu pryč :) Pagan byla vlastně moje první Ultima, pak ještě Ultima Underworld 1 a 2, taky skvělé kousky na které se vrhnu později i přesto že jsem...
Richmond | 21.10.2018, 13:15
 Ultima VIII: Pagan
No a dojmy? :) Já se k osmičce dopracuju bůhví kdy, prože mně čeká teprve dvojka :(
New posts in English discussion: (10)
BOBAH1 | 28.03.2018, 11:55
 General discussion
Im game | Dune, Age of Empires, Prince of Persia and others... (spoiler)
| 05.07.2017, 06:13
 Requests for OldGames
Shining in the Darkness (Gen/MD) | This is a rather fun dungeon crawling RPG that I believe is an offshoot from the Shining Force series. I've been playing it on Steam and was using this site's dungeon mapper to draw out the maps for this game as I went along. Wanted to submit my work...
Posel bohů (1998) a 7 dní a 7 nocí (1994) | Sháním tyto dvě hry (resp. sháním jich více, ale tyto dvě jsou srdcovky): Posel bohů (1998) a 7 dní a 7 nocí (1994). Pokud by se někomu doma válela některá (i nekompletní), uvítal bych informaci a následně dobře zaplatil.
Aurorafang | 02.03.2017, 20:21
LION and WOLF HELP! Premium Account? | I recently downloaded WOLF and LION and they both run great but there are various issues. WOLF -A little slow - Loading screens that have detailed explanations are now just jumbled messes of letters and symbols. - When selecting your wolves,...
| Goof old Icewind Dale;) I spent too many hours playing it while snappyessays.com did my college assignments for me.
Game Request! (XS: The game that stalks back!) | This is something like a Doom clone I think , but it looks fun and I can't find a working version anywhere! Some footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL4bRVDYf8Q And the best that I can find is this : http://gameswin.org/gameen.php?id=1247 ...
Late Night Retro Gaming Live | Cool service http://www.oldgames.sk/en/disc/video-retro-mage
Jane | 16.12.2016, 13:05
 Dungeon Heroes
game | It sounds that the game is interesting. I will play it tomorrow in the evening and hope that I will enjoy it)
Sabrina Steinman | 13.12.2016, 17:00
 Dungeon Heroes
Wull it run on Win 10 | I have win 10 running on my computer, this game works fine on it, or not?
alexsam | 18.11.2016, 08:16
 Requests for OldGames
Awesome | Hello author! I have visited here to find out any post by which understands about your site because these comments are written in different ways due to this having to face problem to understanding actually I ask about Research Paper Writing Service p...

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 Computer Gaming World 5.5 [66]
CGW Museum | 13.09.2018
 Computer Gaming World 5.4 [50]
CGW Museum | 11.09.2018
 Computer Gaming World 5.3 [48]
CGW Museum | 10.09.2018
 Computer Gaming World 5.2 [48]
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 Computer Gaming World 5.1 [48]
CGW Museum | 03.09.2018
 Computer Gaming World 4.6 [48]
Archiarian | 25.06.2018
 GameStar 5/99 [98]
? | 12.04.2018
 Level 32 [120]
? | 07.01.2018
 Score 44 [132]
? | 27.12.2017
 Score 43 [132]
Latest additions to diskmags: (10/79)
DJ | 19.10.2018
 Narsil 20 (12/96) [36]
DJ | 19.10.2018
 Narsil 19 (10/96) [37]
Marek Olejník | 29.11.2017
 PC Engine 3-95 [40]
Marek Olejník | 13.08.2017
 PC Engine 2-95 [29]
Marek Olejník | 22.06.2017
 PC Engine 11-12/94 [28]
DJ | 12.05.2016
 PC Engine 10-94 [33]
DJ | 26.03.2016
 PC Engine 9-94 [34]
MiNH0 | 22.07.2015
 PC Engine 1-95 [56]
DJ | 16.07.2015
 PC Engine 8-94 [29]
DJ | 02.03.2015
 Pařeniště 30 [34]

Screenshots / Magazines comments: (10)
Bard's Tale 1 - Remaster (2018) | Pěkný seznam jmen :) Z čeho pak to je? :) Ten Hero je výsledkem kouzla (jakého)? Protože má hodně dobrou AC. Taky koukám...
Ladislav | 03.09.2018, 17:12
Score 12 | nevie niekto co je to za hra? Above a Lethal Sun, vyslo to niekedy? pamatam ze som sa na to tesil ked som to cital....
Swampy | 22.11.2017, 22:48
BiT 06/92 | Citujem: "Hru Mercs naprogramovala v roku 1991 programatorska skupina Capcom...atd." Bit, co clanok to perla....
Swampy | 22.11.2017, 22:43
 Chaos Strikes Back
BiT 03/92 | Aj v tomto clanku sa vyskytuje najslavnejsia chyba v dejinach cesko-slovenskej hernej zurnalistiky....
Richmond | 22.11.2017, 20:20
 Lands of Lore III
GameStar 4/99 | Lands of Lore 3 jako hra měsíce?? Co to bylo za období!? :)...
Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession | A dobře dělá, určitě má další ještě v batohu :D...
Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession | Ovšem tohle je luxusní obrázek! :) Autor patrně se připravuje na konec světa!...
Zoli | 13.03.2017, 00:09
 Poster: Dungeon Keeper
Level 31 | plagat som skenoval ja :)...
Zoli | 26.05.2016, 13:55
 reklama - Vision (DoomMania)
Score 10 | plagat + zadne strany v kvalite sken: https://webshare.cz/#/file/3dE54x2sV3 autor skenu: Štěpán Sekeráč...
Konvice | 10.01.2016, 16:29
 Amiga, Title
Whale's Voyage 2 | Vypadá to úžasně, tak tahle hra mě bohužel minula. :D...
New Screenshots by users : (11)
dj | 08.11.2018, 00:14
 Aladdin, Disney's
SNES, Title
Erwinek | 29.10.2018, 19:42
 Gene Machine, The
PC - Ponorka
Erwinek | 29.10.2018, 19:42
 Gene Machine, The
PC - Na Měsíci
dj | 25.10.2018, 17:38
 Bard's Tale Trilogy (Remastered)
dj | 25.10.2018, 17:38
 Bard's Tale Trilogy (Remastered)
dj | 25.10.2018, 17:37
 Bard's Tale Trilogy (Remastered)
Update 2.01 - Spell effect for Trap-Zap
dj | 25.10.2018, 17:36
 Bard's Tale Trilogy (Remastered)
Update 2.01 - Shelfs in wine cellar
lasice | 21.10.2018, 13:06
 Ultima VIII: Pagan
král hory titán Lithos
lasice | 21.10.2018, 13:06
 Ultima VIII: Pagan
lasice | 21.10.2018, 13:06
 Ultima VIII: Pagan
dj | 17.10.2018, 09:55
 Ishar: Legend of the Fortress
PC, Final Boss - Krogh

The Bard's Tale Trilogy
Jill of the Jungle: The Complete Trilogy
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