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Wings of Glory
Wings of Glory
OldGames.sk contains many of the classic good old games for free download for platforms such as PC DOS, Amiga, Commodore 64, Apple II, Macintosh, Sega Genesis, NES, and SNES. Our goal is to revitalize old DOS games by making an install packages containing compiled old games with an emulator for modern systems (Windows XP/2000/Vista/7) that is configured for easy and trouble-free use, or you can play some games on-line in your browser through Flash/Java applet.
You can also "re-live" the good old days with the help of DOSBox, it can run plenty of the old classics that don't run on your new computer!
For all cartographers and retro-players who loves creating the maps especially for classic grid-based dungeon crawlers, we prepared a simple and functional program - Dungeon Mapper - for drawing maps directly in browser.
Collector's section contains a list of old original boxed games that users have at home in the shelf, with detailed description and photos and you can always add there your own online.
Simple Discussion forum » join up and discuss anything about old video games or computers...

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Actual articles on blog:
Wizardry 4: Denník hráča - Richmond
 author: richmond 16.11.2019   
Po dohrání trilogie jsem poměrně dlouhou dobu sbíral síly na čtvrtý kultovní díl. Ač neznaje detaily, věděl jsem z mnoha zdrojů, že jde o díl jednoznačně nejobtížnější. Před dávnou dobou jsem dokonce zahlédl jednu zmapovanou úroveň (netuším kterou) a jen pohled na ni ve mně vyvolával závratě. Tohle bych tedy nechtěl hrát ani podle map, natož si hru mapovat sám! …říkal jsem si tenkrát… Jenže uběhla ta správná doba, přišel jako blesk z čistého nebe crpgaddict a najednou bylo pro mě možné podobné hry hrát s tím, že si je budu i sám mapovat. I ta grafika zčistajasna nebyla absolutně žádný problém. A tak se ke slovu po vyčerpávajícím zmapování každičkého koutu v prvním díle série Might and Magic dostalo i na slavnou sérii Wizardry...
Rozhovor: Ian Currie - Jagged Alliance
 author: jofree 07.10.2019   
Hra Jagged Alliance z roku 1995 a jej pokračovanie s číslovkou 2 z roku 1999, 4X stratégie, nadobudli za tie dekády od svojho vzniku nepochybne kultový status a dodnes sú diskutované, či dokonca modifikované prostredníctvom ich fanúšikov. Ich licencované pokračovania, bohužiaľ nikdy nedosiahli ich kvalitu. Za originálnou sériou stojí legendárny kanadský herný dizajnér Ian Currie a jeho tím. Na hrách s ním mimo iných skvelých tvorcov spolupracovala aj istá Brenda Brathwaite (Wizardry 8), hráčom skôr známa ako súčasná žena Johna Romera (Doom)...
Actual projects at oldgames.sk:
Dungeon Heroes
 author: Spiky 25.02.2014   
Dungeon Heroes is an RPG in the classic dungeon crawler style. Game features turn based combat, different characters to choose from, spell creation, equipment enhancement, tricky puzzles, hidden corridors and secret rooms, intense boss fights, etc. We began working on Dungeon Heroes at the start of 2014, and we're happy to share the results of our work with you. The demo contains the first level of the dungeon and introduces the story and the major features of the game...

Latest old games:
Computer Bismarck
50% / 0% ( added: 06.12.2019 )  
[ Download Computer Bismarck for Apple II (dsk) ]
1980, Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI)   [ Strategy ]
Computer Bismarck is a computer wargame developed by John Lyon and Joel Billings, published by Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI) in 1980. The game is based on the last battle of the battleship Bismarck, in which British Armed Forces pursue the German Bismarck in 1941. It is SSI's first game, and features turn-based gameplay in which players control British forces against the battleship Bismarck and other German units. The German forces can be controlled by either a computer opponent (named "Otto von Computer") or a second player. The game takes place on a map of the North Atlantic Ocean on which letters from the alphabet represent military units and facilities (airfields and ports)...
Monster Bash
74% / 85% ( added: 10.09.2019 )  
[ Download Monster Bash @ GOG.com (buy) ]
1993, Apogee Software, Ltd.   [ Action ]
Monster Bash (called Graveyard during development) is a side-scrolling platform video game developed and published by Apogee Software on 9 April 1993 for DOS. The game features 16-color EGA graphics and IMF AdLib compatible music. It was developed by Frank Maddin and Gerald Lindsly. The game is divided into three episodes. The first episode of the game is available to download under a shareware license, but the two remaining parts of the game must be purchased. The registered game also removes advertisements and reminders of the benefits of purchasing the games from the first episode and enables cheat code functionality...
Yendorian Tales: Book I
63% / 0% ( added: 09.08.2019 )  
[ Download - Yendorian Tales: Book I (zip) ]
1994, SmithWare   [ RPG ]
Yendorian Tales Book I is an overhead view fantasy role-playing game. The player can create and control a party of up to six characters belonging to a variety of classes. Interaction with the NPCs is performed by typing in conversation themes, similarly to Ultima games. Combat takes place on separate screens; the player-controlled party and the opponents move on the battle screen in a turn-based fashion. The vile monsters in the land of Yendor are growing more numerous. The governors have called for all that are willing to come forth. You must assemble a party of strong fighters and cunning magic users to defeat the monstrous hordes...
Excalibur: Sword of Kings
50% / 70% ( added: 10.05.2019 )  
[ Excalibur: Sword of Kings - ZX Spectrum (z80) ]
1987, Ian Smith, Shaun G. McClure   [ Adventure ]
Excalibur: The Sword of Kings is a text-based adventure game with color images. The parser recognizes two-word commands and it is possible to explore 29 screens. The game was originally released for the ZX Spectrum and was redesigned for HTML5 in 2019 with tutorial added. The evil witch Crania, was searching for Merlin to devour his power. In her quest she arrived at Camelot and met King Arthur. When she was unhappy with what she had learned, Arthur slept with a curse. Your mission as a hero, is to enter Camelot, get Excalibur and defeat the evil witch...
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
60% / 46% ( added: 05.02.2019 )  
[ Download Home Alone 2 for DOS (zip) ]
1992, Manley and Associates, Inc.   [ Action ]
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is a video game based loosely on the 1992 film of the same name; it was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Genesis, Game Boy, MS-DOS and Super NES platforms. The game was released in late 1992 for all three Nintendo's consoles available at the time. Mechanically, the three versions are identical, with the Game Boy version being virtually identical to the NES version aside from the monochrome graphics, lowered resolution, minor gameplay and map differences. The game was in memory of Tom Heidt...
Icewind Dale II
85% / 90% ( added: 03.01.2019 )  
[ Download Icewind Dale 2 Complete @ GOG.com (Buy) ]
2002, Black Isle Studios   [ RPG ]
Icewind Dale II is a real-time adaptation of the D&D Third Edition ruleset. The game is viewed from an isometric perspective. Like its 2000 predecessor Icewind Dale, the game is set in the Forgotten Realms fantasy setting in the Icewind Dale region. The player assumes control of a group of mercenaries in a war between the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale and a coalition of persecuted races and religions...
Magic Island: The Secret Of Stones
76% / 86% ( added: 23.11.2018 )  
[ Download Magic Island - Amiga CD32 (iso) [cz] ]
1995, ARDA Team   [ RPG ]
Magic Island: The Secret Of Stones is a fantasy grid-based dungeon-crawler with real-time fights and management group of four characters, developed by czech team ARDA in 1995 for Amiga 1200 and Amiga CD32 platforms. Player is in the role of the son of an old warrior, who gave him a letter for his friend. There starts a long journey, he found this old friend dead and you discover the history of this friendship. The whole game is most similar to Ishar series – outdoor locations, realtime combat and pretty graphics...

Recent additions/extras: (20)
Manual (txt) | 07.12.2019
 Computer Bismarck
Reference Cards (jpg) | 07.12.2019
 Computer Bismarck
Setup Instructions Sheet - scan (jpg) | 07.12.2019
 Computer Bismarck
Download Computer Bismarck for Apple II (dsk) | 07.12.2019
 Computer Bismarck
Map - scan (jpg) | 06.12.2019
 Computer Bismarck
Covers, Apple II | 06.12.2019
 Computer Bismarck
Covers, PC Booter | 05.12.2019
 Alley Cat
Download, Atari ST (st) | 05.12.2019
Command Summary Card - Original (pdf) | 05.12.2019
 Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel
Manual, DOS - Original (pdf) | 04.12.2019
 Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel
Covers, PC DOS - Floppy disk version | 04.12.2019
 Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel
Covers, PC DOS - CD-ROM version | 04.12.2019
 Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Rose Tattoo
Download Full Throttle (Demo version) | 04.12.2019
 Full Throttle
Links | 29.11.2019
 Rendezvous with Rama
Covers, Apple II: US Release, 5.25'' Disk Version | 25.11.2019
 Wizardry 4: The Return of Werdna
Covers, PC Windows: UK Release, 2xCD | 25.11.2019
 Icewind Dale
Recenzia, Ringo (95%) [cz] | 25.11.2019
 Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon
Covers, PC Booter: US Release, 3.5'' Disk Version | 24.11.2019
 Wizardry 4: The Return of Werdna
Recent originals in collections: (20)
halo123 | 10.11.2019
 Horde, The (1994)
halo123 | 10.11.2019
 Descent (1995)
halo123 | 10.11.2019
 Worms Reinforcements (1996)
halo123 | 10.11.2019
 Wizardry Gold (1996)
halo123 | 10.11.2019
 Shattered Steel (1996)
halo123 | 10.11.2019
 9 (1997)
halo123 | 10.11.2019
 POD (1997)
halo123 | 10.11.2019
 Micro Machines V3 (1998)
halo123 | 10.11.2019
 Silver (1999)
halo123 | 10.11.2019
 Total Annihilation Kingdoms (1999)
halo123 | 10.11.2019
 Darkstone Evil Reigns (1999)
halo123 | 10.11.2019
 Daikatana (2000)
halo123 | 10.11.2019
 In Cold Blood (2000)
halo123 | 10.11.2019
 Sacrifice (2000)

New comments: (10)
Ringo | 21.11.2019, 21:19
 Dark Queen of Krynn, The
V roce 2015 jsem popravdě nevím proč vyměkl před závěrečnou pasáží hry. Možná jsem rozehrál do toho příliš mnoho dalších her a nastala pauza, na kterou se mi čím dál více nechtělo navazovat a tak vznikla neskutečná 4 letá prodleva, jak v hraní, tak m...
Dohráno, hodně neotřelá pátrací adventura, kterou hodnotím hodně vysoko, i přes pár drobností, které mě mírně rozladily :-)
Tak jak mě Richmond nalomil na tuhle hru, tak jsem ji rozehrál taky a parádní detektivka poirotovského ražení, začal jsem si i sepisovat kdo kde co a jak a mám po pár obrazovkách napsanou pomalu knihu :-D Graficky je to parádní EGA s perfektní atmosf...
carHrozny | 26.10.2019, 00:40
 Legend of Kyrandia, The
Hint book sa k hre nikdy nedával bolo ho treba kúpiť samostatne.Čo je aj logické veď žiadne návody sa k hrám neprikladali....hráči by totiž hry dohrali veľmi rýchlo a to sa v tej dobe nejak nenosilo/dnes je to firmám jedno hlavne keď z vás budú stále...
Swampy | 20.10.2019, 12:42
 Legend of Kyrandia, The
Toto sa pise v Hint Booku, neviem ci bol pribalovany k hre, alebo sa musel dokupovat: "A flower and a gemstone of the same color will generally produce a potion of that color."
lasice | 20.10.2019, 07:37
 Legend of Kyrandia, The
Filip: nad tím jsem taky přemýšlel, no a usoudil jsem že to bude zřejmě metodou pokus omyl, ve hře je více takových míst, třeba i zvonkohra na hradě co otevírá tajnou schránku s klíčem
Filip | 19.10.2019, 23:04
 Legend of Kyrandia, The
Vím, že zapeklitost je typickou vlastností klasických adventur, ale stejně... Dá třeba hra někde alespoň trochu najevo, že se mají lektvary v Zanthiině laboratoři míchat na principu drahokam + květina, nebo se na to bez návodu dá přijít pouze metodou...
code | 18.10.2019, 14:07
 Přítmí (Twilight)
Nevíte co je tohle za zvláštní remake? https://youtu.be/oimCT65Jy_I
prvá naozajstná menežmentovka, ktorú som kedy hral :D Ikeď gameplay je repetitívny a posledná úroveň temer nehrateľná. Autor grafických návrhov- Carsten Wieland má dodnes profil na FB, no ku komiksom ako takým sa veľmi nepriznáva, k Lule už vôbec.
dodnes tomu nerozumiem ako som mohol túzo hardocre záležitosť a jej pokračovanie vôbec prejsť- ajkeď, nikdy sa mi nepodarilo zachrániť všetkých 99 mudokožcov a objaviť ak secret levely a endingy. V sequeli bolo toho ešte viac. Remake jednotky (New n ...
New posts in English discussion: (10)
Ivy | 26.03.2019, 07:58
 General discussion
| Dungeon of Dragon Knight is a dungeon crawler role play game, based on grid system. And it’s on the STEAM now ( https://store.steampowered.com/app/823610/ ).Though the game is still on EA stage, they’ve put a lot of efforts on it. Besides the class...
Glenn C. Wooten | 25.01.2019, 08:51
BOBAH1 | 28.03.2018, 11:55
 General discussion
Im game | Dune, Age of Empires, Prince of Persia and others... (spoiler)
| 05.07.2017, 06:13
 Requests for OldGames
Shining in the Darkness (Gen/MD) | This is a rather fun dungeon crawling RPG that I believe is an offshoot from the Shining Force series. I've been playing it on Steam and was using this site's dungeon mapper to draw out the maps for this game as I went along. Wanted to submit my work...
Posel bohů (1998) a 7 dní a 7 nocí (1994) | Sháním tyto dvě hry (resp. sháním jich více, ale tyto dvě jsou srdcovky): Posel bohů (1998) a 7 dní a 7 nocí (1994). Pokud by se někomu doma válela některá (i nekompletní), uvítal bych informaci a následně dobře zaplatil.
Aurorafang | 02.03.2017, 20:21
LION and WOLF HELP! Premium Account? | I recently downloaded WOLF and LION and they both run great but there are various issues. WOLF -A little slow - Loading screens that have detailed explanations are now just jumbled messes of letters and symbols. - When selecting your wolves,...
| Goof old Icewind Dale;) I spent too many hours playing it while snappyessays.com did my college assignments for me.
Game Request! (XS: The game that stalks back!) | This is something like a Doom clone I think , but it looks fun and I can't find a working version anywhere! Some footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL4bRVDYf8Q And the best that I can find is this : http://gameswin.org/gameen.php?id=1247 ...
Late Night Retro Gaming Live | Cool service http://www.oldgames.sk/en/disc/video-retro-mage
Jane | 16.12.2016, 13:05
 Dungeon Heroes
game | It sounds that the game is interesting. I will play it tomorrow in the evening and hope that I will enjoy it)

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 Riki 37 [64]
? | 12.09.2019
 Level 33 [116]
? | 08.09.2019
 Score 46 [132]
MickTheMage | 15.07.2019
 Hráč 3 [40]
Miloš Kaleta | 13.06.2019
 Hráč 7 [40]
DJ | 03.06.2019
 Hráč 1 [40]
? | 14.04.2019
 Riki 36 [64]
? | 07.02.2019
 Score 45 [132]
? | 29.01.2019
 Riki 35 [64]
Hellhouse99 | 19.12.2018
 Excalibur 64 [17]
Latest additions to diskmags: (10/80)
? | 03.12.2018
 PC Engine 1-94 [87]
DJ | 19.10.2018
 Narsil 20 (12/96) [36]
DJ | 19.10.2018
 Narsil 19 (10/96) [37]
Marek Olejník | 29.11.2017
 PC Engine 3-95 [40]
Marek Olejník | 13.08.2017
 PC Engine 2-95 [29]
Marek Olejník | 22.06.2017
 PC Engine 11-12/94 [28]
DJ | 12.05.2016
 PC Engine 10-94 [33]
DJ | 26.03.2016
 PC Engine 9-94 [34]
MiNH0 | 22.07.2015
 PC Engine 1-95 [56]
DJ | 16.07.2015
 PC Engine 8-94 [29]

Screenshots / Magazines comments: (10)
Ringo | 30.06.2019, 14:24
 Kritická mapa (bug)
Rytíři Grálu | Bug to není, dveře se mají vyrazit, což se dělá normálním krokem kupředu směrem do dveří....
Sova | 05.02.2019, 12:57
 Shattered Steel
Level 22 | Chyba mi tu ISO z tejto hry. Bolo by možné ho dodať? ...
HAMS | 07.01.2019, 15:12
Score 12 | Podľa mňa to nie je nijaká, reálne existujúca hra...to je len vtip/parafráza na vtedajšiu hru čísla Under a Killing Moon...
Bard's Tale 1 - Remaster (2018) | Aha z figuríny. Taky jsme nějaké našel a chvíli mi trvalo (přesněji než jsem se kouknul do manuálu), že je možné z nich ...
Bard's Tale 1 - Remaster (2018) | Ano, Hero je zakuzleny z predmetu, zo sosky. Myslim ze to je zrovna jeden z predmetov co do remasteru dodali z dalsich d...
Bard's Tale 1 - Remaster (2018) | Pěkný seznam jmen :) Z čeho pak to je? :) Ten Hero je výsledkem kouzla (jakého)? Protože má hodně dobrou AC. Taky koukám...
Ladislav | 03.09.2018, 17:12
Score 12 | nevie niekto co je to za hra? Above a Lethal Sun, vyslo to niekedy? pamatam ze som sa na to tesil ked som to cital....
Swampy | 22.11.2017, 22:48
BiT 06/92 | Citujem: "Hru Mercs naprogramovala v roku 1991 programatorska skupina Capcom...atd." Bit, co clanok to perla....
Swampy | 22.11.2017, 22:43
 Chaos Strikes Back
BiT 03/92 | Aj v tomto clanku sa vyskytuje najslavnejsia chyba v dejinach cesko-slovenskej hernej zurnalistiky....
Richmond | 22.11.2017, 20:20
 Lands of Lore III
GameStar 4/99 | Lands of Lore 3 jako hra měsíce?? Co to bylo za období!? :)...
New Screenshots by users : (11)
Liso1 | 24.10.2019, 00:08
 Settlers, The
PC, Free Gameplay
dj | 10.09.2019, 11:20
 Monster Bash
dj | 10.09.2019, 11:20
 Monster Bash
dj | 10.09.2019, 11:20
 Monster Bash
dj | 10.09.2019, 11:20
 Monster Bash
dj | 10.09.2019, 11:19
 Monster Bash
dj | 10.09.2019, 11:19
 Monster Bash
dj | 10.09.2019, 11:19
 Monster Bash
Apogee screen
dj | 10.09.2019, 11:19
 Monster Bash
Installation in progress
dj | 10.09.2019, 11:18
 Monster Bash
Install screen 1

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