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Frontier: Elite II
Frontier: Elite II
OldGames.sk contains many of the classic good old games for free download for platforms such as PC DOS, Amiga, Commodore 64, Apple II, Macintosh, Sega Genesis, Master System, NES, and SNES and many more. Our goal is to revitalize old DOS games by making an install packages containing compiled old games with an emulator for modern systems (Windows 10 / 8 / 7) that is configured for easy and trouble-free use, or you can also play most of this games on-line in your browser or mobile device through javascript emulator.
You can also "re-live" the good old days with the help of DOSBox, it can run plenty of the old classics that don't run on your new computer!
For all cartographers and retro-players who loves creating the maps especially for classic grid-based dungeon crawlers, we prepared a simple and functional program - Dungeon Mapper - for drawing maps directly in browser.
Collector's section contains a list of old original boxed games that users have at home in the shelf, with detailed description and photos and you can always add there your own online.
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Actual articles on blog:
Prokletí Eridenu: Denník hráča - Mortarion
 author: dj 02.08.2021   
Prokletí Eridenu - klasické akčné RPG typu dungeon-crawler s pohybom po štvorcoch a súbojmi v reálnom čase od českých vývojárov z Napalm Soft. Hráč ovláda jednu postavu, pričom na začiatku má možnosť vybrať si z deviatich dostupných a každá má tri základné atribúty - silu, manu, zdravie. Podobne ako v Dungeon Masterovi, aj tu je nutné strarať sa o hlad a smäd svojho zverenca. Príbeh sa odohráva v ruinách tajomného, zakliateho mesta Eriden, v ktorého podzemných kobkách musí hlavný hrdina zničiť štyri kúzelné zrkadlá...
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny - Denník hráča
Muž nespokojený s lidstvem a jeho chováním na Zemi přemýšlí na procházce lesem o lepším světě, když jeho pozornost upoutá zvláštní medailon ležící na podivné mýtině obrostlé duby. Medailon zvedne, ten se rozzáří a na mýtině se objeví nějaký portál. Muž do něj vstupuje a rázem se ocitá ve zcela jiném světě. Jeho zjevení překvapí místního obyvatele, kácejícího stromy a ten se v tomto šoku zraní sekyrou. Překvapivě si však zranění zhojí nějakou nadpřirozenou silou, představí se jako Shamino a jme se vyslýchat cizince, jak se zde objevil a odkud pochází. Když mu muž odvětí, že je z Cambridge z Britských ostrovů, pojmenuje jej místní muž Britishem...
Actual projects at oldgames.sk:
Dungeon Heroes
 author: Spiky 25.02.2014   
Dungeon Heroes is an RPG in the classic dungeon crawler style. Game features turn based combat, different characters to choose from, spell creation, equipment enhancement, tricky puzzles, hidden corridors and secret rooms, intense boss fights, etc. We began working on Dungeon Heroes at the start of 2014, and we're happy to share the results of our work with you. The demo contains the first level of the dungeon and introduces the story and the major features of the game...

Latest old games:
70% / 0% ( added: 03.05.2023 )  
1987, Sphere, Inc.   [ Simulation ]
Falcon is a combat flight simulator video game and the first official entry in the Falcon series of the F-16 jet fighter's simulators by Spectrum HoloByte. Originally developed by Sphere for Macintosh and MS-DOS in 1987 and ported to several platforms between 1988 and 1992, the game earned commercial success and critical acclaim. The players have their choice of flying one of 12 missions - with awards for flying missions at higher skill levels. There is a choice of different ground attack and air-to-air weapons, although these are also limited by several factors. For dogfighting, AIM-9J missiles are not as reliable as newer AIM-9L missiles - and are useless for head-on attack - but were typically the only missiles available...
Metal Gear
65% / 90% ( added: 18.10.2022 )  
1987, Konami Industry Co. Ltd.   [ Action ]
Metal Gear is an overhead military action-adventure game originally released in 1987 by Konami for the MSX2 computer in Japan and parts of Europe. Considered the game to popularize the stealth game genre, it was the first video game to be fully developed by Hideo Kojima, who would go on to direct most of the games in the Metal Gear series. A reworked port of the game was released for the Famicom (without Kojima's involvement) a few months later, which later saw release in international markets for the NES over the following two years. Players control Solid Snake, an operative of the special forces unit FOXHOUND, who goes on a solo infiltration mission into the fortified state of Outer Heaven to destroy Metal Gear, a bipedal walking tank capable of launching nuclear missiles from anywhere in the world, as well as rescue a number of fellow agents who have been captured by the enemy...
Clock Tower
70% / 87% ( added: 26.09.2022 )  
1995, Human Entertainment   [ RPG ]
Clock Tower is a survival horror point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Human Entertainment for the Super Famicom in 1995. It is the first installment in the Clock Tower series. The story follows orphan Jennifer Simpson soon after she is adopted by the Barrows family along with other orphaned girls. Shortly after arriving at the Barrows family manor, one of the other children is killed by a stalker called Scissorman. Jennifer must then explore the Barrows Mansion to find a way to escape while evading Scissorman, leading to one of the game's multiple endings. Clock Tower utilizes a point and click interface with the player controlling a cursor to direct Jennifer's actions...
RoboCop 2
65% / 76% ( added: 09.05.2022 )  
1990, Data East, Ocean   [ Action ]
RoboCop 2 is a platform shooter based on the 1990 film of the same name. The game was released for several home computers / consoles developed and published by Ocean Software, and Data East manufactured an arcade version. Detroit cyborg cop known as RoboCop must stop a drug distributor, Cain, from spreading a new drug known as Nuke. The game follows the basic premise of the movie, but has some major sequential differences. It is mostly side-scrolling shoot-em-up, with some levels viewed from behind RoboCop and providing a targeting reticle with which to kill generic criminals...
Ztracený ostrov
55% / 86% ( added: 01.05.2022 )  
2000, Mayhem Studios s.r.o.   [ Adventure ]
Ztracený ostrov (Lost Island) is a classic 2D point-and-click adventure, created by Mayhem Studios (Riki Computer Games) in 2000 for OS Windows 95/98. It is a game combining sci-fi, pirate adventures and mysticism, which cannot decide whether to be taken seriously or humorously. The main protagonist is Yeltsin in a dubbing performance by the great Czech humorist Jiří Lábus, parodies some older adventure titles such as Indiana Jones / Monkey Island and is interspersed with several pop culture references - Terminator, David Copperfield...
Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe
75% / 97% ( added: 26.04.2022 )  
1995, Sierra On‑Line, Inc.   [ Adventure ]
Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe is an another updated version of original game (1987) released by Sierra On Line in 1995 for Macintosh, Windows 3.x and Windows 95. It featured further improved SVGA graphics and a bonus audio CD, as well as the introduction of different melodies and styles of music...
Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe
50% / 85% ( added: 23.04.2022 )  
1992, SEGA Enterprises Ltd.   [ Action ]
Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe is an action-adventure platformer, spin-off of the popular Golden Axe series, released on the Sega Game Gear in 1991. The protagonist is Ax Battler, the male barbarian character from the original Golden Axe game. The series' primary villain, Death Adder, is laying siege to the entire world. He steals the Golden Axe, a magical weapon that grants its wielder unimaginable power, from its hiding place in Firewood Castle. To prevent Death Adder using its powers to destroy the world, the king of Firewood Castle calls upon the help of his strongest warrior: Ax Battler. During his journey, Ax Battler must battle through the following 'special landmarks': The Spooky Cave, Peninsula Tower, Turtle's Back, Death Pyramid, Evil Cave, Maze Wood, Gayn Mountain, Eagle's Back, Ice Cliffs and Death Adder's Castle...

Recent additions/extras: (20)
Manual - Amiga, Atari ST (pdf) | 03.05.2023
Covers, PC DOS | 03.05.2023
Ztracený ostrov - 2000 (Longplay - Český dabing) | 08.03.2023
 Ztracený ostrov
Blood & Magic - 1996 (Longplay - české titulky) 1# Výkřik pomsty Modrá/Červená | 08.03.2023
 Blood & Magic
Agent Mlíčňák - Longplay | 08.03.2023
 Teenagent (Agent Mlíčňák)
Recenze, Ladin [cz] | 01.03.2023
 Realms of Arkania 3: Shadows over Riva
Manual, MSX (pdf) | 25.11.2022
 Metal Gear
Covers, NES | 20.10.2022
 Metal Gear
Download, DOS (zip) | 20.10.2022
 Metal Gear
Covers, MSX | 18.10.2022
 Metal Gear
Covers, SNES | 26.09.2022
 Clock Tower
Manual, SNES (pdf) [jp] | 26.09.2022
 Clock Tower
Covers, Amiga CD32 | 04.09.2022
 Magic Island: The Secret Of Stones
Covers, Commodore 64 | 16.05.2022
 Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager
Covers, Apple II | 15.05.2022
Covers, Game Boy | 15.05.2022
Covers, Commodore 64 | 15.05.2022
Maps, Arcade (png) | 12.05.2022
 RoboCop 2
Download, Atari ST (st) | 12.05.2022
 RoboCop 2
Covers, Game Boy | 12.05.2022
 RoboCop 2
Recent originals in collections: (20)
mrazikcomp | 31.03.2023
 falcon 3.0 gold (1994)
kloki38 | 28.02.2023
 Aces of the Pacific (1992)
kloki38 | 29.12.2022
 Gene Machine, The (1996)
kloki38 | 07.12.2022
 Wizardry 8 (2002)
kloki38 | 01.12.2022
 Bram Stoker's Dracula (1993)
Swampy | 28.11.2022
 Legend of Kyrandia, The (1992)
Ringo | 08.08.2022
 Powermonger (1990)
Ringo | 11.07.2022
 Dune 2000 (1998)
Wlkus | 28.05.2022
 Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)
Wlkus | 28.05.2022
 Mission Critical (1995)
Wlkus | 28.05.2022
 Heart of China (1991)
Clous | 04.05.2022
 Armred Fist 2 - M1A2 Abrams (1997)
Ringo | 27.04.2022
 System Shock (1994)

New comments: (10)
Andrei | 30.05.2023, 23:02
 HWA package
2Ringo: super, dakujem edit: uz to ide stahovat, asi opravene ... dakujem dobrej vile
hypnos | 26.05.2023, 09:28
 Lost Vikings, The
Sakra, že bych tomu taky ještě dal jeden pokus? :D Jsem neutšil, že existuje pokračování - Lost Vikings 2: Norse by Norsewest. Hra je k stažení na myabandonware
Keena 4 jsem nedavno opetovne dojel v ramci dohravani hopsacek z detstvi. Keen 4 byla pravdepodobne prvni hra, kterou jsem dohral, pozdeji jsem zkousel i dalsi epizody Keena, ale zadne se tomuto dilu moc nepriblizovaly, nevim zda to bylo obchodnim sh...
Danny | 24.04.2023, 10:18
 Lost Vikings, The
Nedavno dohrano po mnoha letech, hezky pekne od prvniho levelu po posledni a musim potvrdit, ze tato hra je i diky grafice skutecne nestarnouci. Odjakziva se mi libil design vsech ruznorodych svetu a levelu, od outdooroveho prehistorickeho, pres Egyp...
Danny | 24.04.2023, 10:13
Opet po mnoha letech (dekadach) dohrano od prvniho po posledni level. Pekna mala hra s roztomilou grafikou, obtiznost je dobre vyvazena (na normal), takze hra neni repetitivni, i pres relativne omezeny pocet prekazek a jeji dohrani pro me nebyl zadny...
Stary dobry Resident evil :)
Pamatuji jako dite,kdyz jsem to hral na pc a je to moc pekna adventura.Jen dopuruciji :)
Vypadá to, že jsem v PC verzi v polovině hry narazil na nepřekonatelný bug. Hra zamrzne poté, co náklaďák přejede závoru paláce. Blikne nahrávání z disku, závora úplně zmizí a zamrzne to na tom obrázku. No nic, tak to budu muset rozehrát s tím, že pů...
Marek | 20.03.2023, 00:23
 Druid: Daemons of the Mind
Nevíte někdo jak z dosboxu odstranit u některých her ty černé horizontální pruhy? https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=32153 Tak to vypadá u hry Druid. Sem tam to některá hra pod dosboxem má a říká se tomu glitch segment limit. Je to teda dost ru...
Ve spolupráci s Vehudisem a Elen jsme vytvořili češtinu do této skvělé hry. Můžete stáhnout ze stránek https://jurgenovycestiny.cz
New posts in English discussion: (10)
Package application | Which program are you using to make the packages? Feel free not to answer.
Andrej | 05.03.2022, 17:25
 Requests for OldGames
Score Magazine (1998) Number 50 | Unreal is 54, not 50. https://www.score.cz/pdf_reader/web/pdf-774 https://archive.org/details/score54cd
GamesHarder | 10.12.2021, 11:53
 Requests for OldGames
Score Magazine (1998) Number 50 | Hi, I might be in the wrong topic but does anyone have the Score magazine from 1998 numbered 50? It's the one with the Unreal cover.
Old dosbox installers update | How can we update the old dosbox installers to 0.74-3 without overwriting, just copy pasting i mean, post installation?
Kimberly Scott | 19.11.2021, 10:20
 General discussion
| Every time I face difficulties in the writing process I go to http://essay-writer-help.com/ and use their writing tips and qualified advice. And essay samples help to feel more confident about the structure of my paper. Sometimes a slight help is nee...
Alex Seed | 19.10.2021, 10:13
 General discussion
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Essays-Service | This vidoplatform is a good one. I would robably try to use it in as I work a lot with wideis abd not only. Last time I am working with my book report https://essays-service.com/write-my-book-report.html and aslo look for great usefu platforms with o...
| hi i am a new member and i have downloaded bob their finest hour on windows 10 machine ...how do i run the program please . thanks martin
GraceFisher | 09.08.2021, 09:48
Hi | It's great that you love the classics as much as I do !
RuThaN van den N | 17.07.2021, 20:25
Hlavne predaje.. | Denik skvelej, jen mozna malo navodovej, kdyby se nekdo zasek, taky by me zajimalo jak hrdinove vypadali na konci. Ja se do toho pustil taky a zatim jsem v 15 patre, ty problemy s vodou jsem nemel, jelikoz lahvicky a kouzlo lesni pramen, ale stejne j...

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 Covers, PC Windows [2]
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 Batman Returns [14]
Latest additions to diskmags: (10/254)
OldGames.sk | 01.05.2022
 Ztracený ostrov [12]
OldGames.sk | 30.04.2022
 Loom [38]
OldGames.sk | 26.04.2022
 Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe [15]
OldGames.sk | 08.03.2022
 Batman Returns [14]
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 Posel Bohů [18]
OldGames.sk | 09.10.2021
 Hero\'s Quest: So You Want To Be A Hero [33]
OldGames.sk | 19.09.2021
 King\'s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow [23]
OldGames.sk | 27.05.2021
 Cruise for a Corpse [13]
OldGames.sk | 27.04.2021
 Curse of Monkey Island, The [7]
OldGames.sk | 20.04.2021
 Companions of Xanth [10]

Screenshots / Magazines comments: (10)
Swampy | 23.04.2023, 22:31
 Komando 2
BiT 12/92 | Dalsi yvesov blud. Elite a Schwarzenegger...panenka skakava....
Richmond | 07.08.2021, 09:35
 Dopisy čtenářů
Excalibur 17 | Teď po 30 letech si prohlížím inzerece a dopisy čtenářů a vidím, že jsem tenkrát chodil měnit hry i ke "gamesníku&q...
Richmond | 06.08.2021, 21:20
Excalibur 11 | Koukám v inzerci i Jindřich Skeldal/Napoleno Rohlík! A nabízí skvělé hry dle seznamu :)...
DJ | 26.07.2021, 15:27
Excalibur 18 | Richmond: no on ma este druhy diel v cisle 21 (/mag/excalibur-21/page/45/) a tam je nicnehovoriaci pseudonym T.D.T from ...
Richmond | 25.07.2021, 14:51
Excalibur 18 | Je vůbec známo, kdo tenhle článek psal? Když si vezmu, o jakých crpg hrách se v Excaliburu psalo, tak hry zde uvedené do...
Peter Krajčovič | 20.05.2021, 22:06
 BiT - Koniec
Excalibur 41 | Toto bol -luis-...
Swampy | 07.05.2021, 15:41
 Zak MC Kracken
Excalibur 9 | Presne ten isty obrazok (Zak) ako v Bite 10/91. Nahoda?...
Adam | 03.04.2021, 12:07
 BiT - Koniec
Excalibur 41 | -yves- Ďakujeme ...
Score 32 | Ak by to niekoho zaujímalo, tak tie screenshoty zo Shadow Warriora pochádzajú z alpha verzie z 8. septembra 1995. http...
Kloki38 | 02.04.2021, 13:05
Riki 7 | Vidím, že s obrázkami sa moc nebabrali. Tie prvé tri obrázky hore sú propagačné screenshoty z nikdy nepublikovanej beta ...
New Screenshots by users : (11)
kloki38 | 19.03.2023, 20:28
 World of Aden: Thunderscape
kloki38 | 19.03.2023, 20:27
 World of Aden: Thunderscape
kloki38 | 19.03.2023, 20:26
 World of Aden: Thunderscape
kloki38 | 19.03.2023, 20:26
 World of Aden: Thunderscape
kloki38 | 19.03.2023, 20:26
 World of Aden: Thunderscape
Magické pole
kloki38 | 19.03.2023, 20:25
 World of Aden: Thunderscape
Slot na kryštál
kloki38 | 19.03.2023, 20:24
 World of Aden: Thunderscape
kloki38 | 19.03.2023, 20:24
 World of Aden: Thunderscape
kloki38 | 19.03.2023, 20:24
 World of Aden: Thunderscape
kloki38 | 19.03.2023, 20:23
 World of Aden: Thunderscape
Skeleton Knight
kloki38 | 19.03.2023, 20:23
 World of Aden: Thunderscape
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