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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
OldGames.sk contains many of the classic good old games for free download for platforms such as PC DOS, Amiga, Commodore 64, Apple II, Macintosh, Sega Genesis, Master System, NES, and SNES and many more. Our goal is to revitalize old DOS games by making an install packages containing compiled old games with an emulator for modern systems (Windows 10 / 8 / 7) that is configured for easy and trouble-free use, or you can also play most of this games on-line in your browser or mobile device through javascript emulator.
You can also "re-live" the good old days with the help of DOSBox, it can run plenty of the old classics that don't run on your new computer!
For all cartographers and retro-players who loves creating the maps especially for classic grid-based dungeon crawlers, we prepared a simple and functional program - Dungeon Mapper - for drawing maps directly in browser.
Collector's section contains a list of old original boxed games that users have at home in the shelf, with detailed description and photos and you can always add there your own online.
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Actual articles on blog:
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny - Denník hráča
Muž nespokojený s lidstvem a jeho chováním na Zemi přemýšlí na procházce lesem o lepším světě, když jeho pozornost upoutá zvláštní medailon ležící na podivné mýtině obrostlé duby. Medailon zvedne, ten se rozzáří a na mýtině se objeví nějaký portál. Muž do něj vstupuje a rázem se ocitá ve zcela jiném světě. Jeho zjevení překvapí místního obyvatele, kácejícího stromy a ten se v tomto šoku zraní sekyrou. Překvapivě si však zranění zhojí nějakou nadpřirozenou silou, představí se jako Shamino a jme se vyslýchat cizince, jak se zde objevil a odkud pochází. Když mu muž odvětí, že je z Cambridge z Britských ostrovů, pojmenuje jej místní muž Britishem...
Ultima Underworld: Denník hráča - Ringo
 author: dj 04.09.2020   
Ultimu Underworld jsem dávno před léty dohrál a nedávno jsem se rozhodl, že si nutně tuto hru musím zopakovat, protože má pro mě několik nej jako Struktura úrovní, Grafika, Atmosféra a jeskyně plná života, Hudba (podrobněji v textu článku). Tyhle nej vyšvihly Ultimu Underworld na třetí příčku mého TOP 10 PC RPG her a zastavilo ji jen jediné. Akčnější soubojový systém, s kterým se nedá vyhrát tolik jako například v tahových soubojích ve Wizardry VII, která mému TOP 10 kraluje...
Actual projects at oldgames.sk:
Dungeon Heroes
 author: Spiky 25.02.2014   
Dungeon Heroes is an RPG in the classic dungeon crawler style. Game features turn based combat, different characters to choose from, spell creation, equipment enhancement, tricky puzzles, hidden corridors and secret rooms, intense boss fights, etc. We began working on Dungeon Heroes at the start of 2014, and we're happy to share the results of our work with you. The demo contains the first level of the dungeon and introduces the story and the major features of the game...

Latest old games:
Dragon Breed
70% / 75% ( added: 26.07.2021 )  
1989, Irem   [ Action ]
Dragon Breed (Doragon Burīdo) is a horizontally scrolling shooter video game produced by Irem and released in arcades in 1989. It runs on M72 and M81 hardware. Activision released home computer ports in 1990. The player controls King Kayus, who rides a large dragon named Bahamoot. Bahamoot is immune to enemy attacks, capable of blocking most projectiles and damaging enemies on contact; Kayus, however, is not, but is armed with a forward-firing crossbow. Bahamoot's body is flexible and responds to Kayus' movement, enabling Kayus to use Bahamoot as a mobile shield or as a whip-like weapon. The player can also circle the tail around a group of enemies to kill them. The tail of the yellow or blue dragon can be coiled around the player to offer almost complete invulnerability for a limited time...
Sharkey's 3D Pool
60% / 0% ( added: 23.07.2021 )  
1989, Aardvark Software   [ Sport ]
Sharkey’s 3D Pool is an 1st person pool game, one of the first that introduces full 3D perspective, developed by Aardwark Software and distributed by Firebird/Microplay software in 1989 for home computers. The game featuring a fully-rotating table and variable viewpoint allowing for much more realistic shot-playing than the traditional top-down game style. The pace, spin and angle of each shot can be set up precisely before playing it. Both 8-ball and 9-ball are included. You can play against the computers with different skills (including tournaments), another human player, or see if you can replicate trick shots performed by real pros...
50% / 75% ( added: 22.07.2021 )  
1988, Topo Soft   [ Action ]
Titanic is an scuba-diving action game developed by Spanish software house Topo Soft in 1988 for 8-bit home computers ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and MXS. The game was later ported on PC DOS with two extra stages, VGA graphics and AdLib sounds. Titanic is an exploration game which is divided into two parts. In the first part, you must find the Titanic by travelling through a network of caves. In the second part, you explore inside the ship itself, trying to find a way of opening the safe which is located somewhere within it. Contact with some plants and fish depletes your oxygen, although other types of fish will kill you instantly and send you right back to the start...
Terminator, The
60% / 85% ( added: 02.06.2021 )  
1992, Probe Software Ltd.   [ Action ]
The Terminator by Probe Software is an action shooter game, released in 1992 on all the Sega video game consoles available at the time, based on the original 1984 film of the same name, programmed by David Perry and scored by Matt Furniss. The main character, Kyle Reese, traverses through levels that closely parallel the movie's environment. In all levels, the main character has a jump and has various weapons throughout the game. The first level takes place in the future, and the main character has hand grenades, timed bombs, and a machine gun as weapon choices. The later levels take place in modern settings, and the primary weapon is a shotgun. The final level takes place inside the Cyberdyne factory, where the player battles the Terminator alone. The objective of this level is to lead the Terminator into a compactor which destroys him...
Star Wars (Namco)
68% / 67% ( added: 12.05.2021 )  
1987, Namcot   [ Action ]
Star Wars is a Family Computer / NES video game released in 1987 by Namco exclusively in Japan. The game is a side-scrolling platform game where the player controls Luke Skywalker as he travels to join the Rebellion against the Empire. Luke uses a lightsaber as his primary weapon and can also use the Force to execute special maneuvers like floating, speeding and stopping time...
Star Wars
62% / 68% ( added: 10.05.2021 )  
1983, Atari, Inc.   [ Action ]
Star Wars is a first-person rail shooter designed by Mike Hally and released in arcades by Atari, Inc. in 1983. It uses 3D color vector graphics to simulate the assault on the Death Star from the 1977 film Star Wars. Assuming the role of Luke Skywalker (Red Five), the player pilots an X-wing fighter from a first-person perspective. The player does not have to destroy every TIE Fighter and gun turret in order to advance through the game; instead, the player must survive for a set length of time, either avoiding or destroying enemies and the shots they fire. The player begins with six shields, one of which is lost for every collision with an enemy or projectile. If the player loses all shields and is hit again, the game ends. Each wave of the game consists of three attack phases, culminating in the destruction of the Death Star...
Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord
50% / 75% ( added: 04.05.2021 )  
1986, Kogado Software Products   [ RPG ]
Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord (Haja no Fūin in Japan), is a role-playing video game developed by Kogado, released initially on the Japanese PC-88 in 1986 and then ported to various other systems, including a Sega Master System version which was released in North America. The game takes place in a world of five lands spread out over three continents and came with an elaborate grid-format map noting areas of interest in the game. Throughout the world are several towns. Towns have smiths, who can repair weapons and armor, and healers that can heal and sell herbs...

Recent additions/extras: (20)
Download, Commodore 64 (d64) | 26.07.2021
 Dragon Breed
Download, Atari ST (st, stx) | 26.07.2021
 Dragon Breed
Download, Amiga (adf) | 26.07.2021
 Dragon Breed
Covers, Amstrad CPC | 26.07.2021
 Dragon Breed
Maps, Arcade (png) | 26.07.2021
 Dragon Breed
Video, ZX Spectrum | 26.07.2021
 Dragon Breed
Covers, ZX Spectrum | 26.07.2021
 Dragon Breed
Manual, Home computers (txt) | 26.07.2021
 Dragon Breed
Manual, Home computers (pdf) | 26.07.2021
 Dragon Breed
Video, Arcade | 26.07.2021
 Dragon Breed
Arcade Flyers | 26.07.2021
 Dragon Breed
Manual, Arcade (pdf) | 26.07.2021
 Dragon Breed
Covers, Commodore 64 | 23.07.2021
 Sharkey's 3D Pool
Video, DOS - Gameplay | 23.07.2021
 Sharkey's 3D Pool
Instructions, 8-bits (txt) | 23.07.2021
 Sharkey's 3D Pool
Covers, ZX Spectrum | 23.07.2021
 Sharkey's 3D Pool
Download, Commodore 64 (t64) | 23.07.2021
 Sharkey's 3D Pool
Download, Atari ST (st) | 23.07.2021
 Sharkey's 3D Pool
Download, Amiga (adf) | 23.07.2021
 Sharkey's 3D Pool
Manual, 16-bits (pdf) | 23.07.2021
 Sharkey's 3D Pool
Recent originals in collections: (20)
Wlkus | 01.07.2021
 dark seed 2 (1995)
kloki38 | 21.06.2021
 The Dame Was Loaded (1996)
mrazikcomp | 17.06.2021
 harpoon classic 97 (1997)
Ringo | 18.05.2021
 Reunion (1994)
Ringo | 07.05.2021
 Ascendancy (1995)
Ringo | 30.04.2021
 The Chaos Engine (1993)
Swampy | 30.04.2021
 R-Type (1987)
Swampy | 30.04.2021
 Wonder Boy (1987)
Swampy | 30.04.2021
 Ghosts 'n Goblins (1985)
wlkus | 15.04.2021
 Prisoner of Ice (1995)
vvasha | 14.04.2021
 Cyberia 2: Resurrection (1995)
Ringo | 13.04.2021
 Cadaver (1990)
Swampy | 12.04.2021
 Treasure Island Dizzy (1988)
kloki38 | 15.03.2021
 Ecstatica (1994)
kloki38 | 24.02.2021
 Darker (1995)

New comments: (10)
DJ | 28.07.2021, 19:13
 Prokletí Eridenu
Marek: Ahoj, som rad ze si sa do toho pustil, neveril som ze niekto zvladne prejst co i len prvy level, takze gratulujem! :-) Po prvom sejvnuti som to netestoval takze o tomto probleme som netusil, skusim sa na to pozriet, ked sa dostanem k svojmu ol...
Marek | 28.07.2021, 18:52
 Prokletí Eridenu
Napadlo mě nafotit k této hře mapy. Bohužel k této české hře není žádný návod, hra má celkem 8 pater, tak aspoň aby lidé měli nějakou představu, jak ta patra vypadají. První patro jsem už kompletně prolezl (každý čtvereček) a poslal jsem screenshot t...
Marek | 27.07.2021, 11:14
 Prokletí Eridenu
Dotaz na DJ: Tak jsem se pustil do hraní tohoto dungeon crawleru, ale ten dosbox balíček pod windows 10 dělá neplechu. Hra po prvním spuštění běží parádně, ale pokud ji člověk uloží (save) a vypne, tak zapnout už nejde - píše to pak, že jde o ilegáln...
Ringo | 22.07.2021, 20:25
 Ve stínu magie
Přirovnání k Black Cryptu mě neskutečně navnadilo a to jsem spíše tu hru přehlížel do teď jako béčko. Ale já mám prostě rád tu čistě zapuzzlovanou kobku bez nějakých dalších příkras, které později hráči vyžadovali.
Tak jsem dohral i Ve Stinu magie, nejaky how to play kecy jsou v jeho diskuzi.. Jinak ta debata fakt nikam nevedla z my strany, radsi jsem neco hral, protoze kdyz nekdo nekceptuje argumenty nejaky strany ve smyslu, ze mohou vubec takovy existovat, ...
RuThaN van den Naar | 21.07.2021, 16:06
 Ve stínu magie
Tak dohrano, uz to nechci videt. Hrajte to jen pokud jste milovniky Black Cryptu, tohle je strasne podobny, podstate zadny pribeh a jen boj s priserama, pruchozima stenama, teleportama a tlacitkama. Obtiznost je casto velmi nevyrovnana casto brutalni...
2 Ruthan - tak každopádně je super, že jsi přišel aspoň na nějakou formu, jak si tu hru moci zahrát a dohrát. btw ten rýpanec teda být nemusel, to, že jsme se neshodli u mě na blogu v diskusi na něčem přeci neznamená, že ti zakazuji si myslet, co si...
Ja hral snad demo a plnou verzi jsem mel vzdycky problem neinstalovat i z free balicku, s mistnim balickem to jde. Zajimalo by me jestli to nekdo dohral, rad to slo, je jestli se nepletu byl problem sileny cekani mezi jednotlivymi utoky, ktery me ...
RuThaN van den Naar | 16.07.2021, 12:53
 Ve stínu magie
Tak jsem to zacal hrat, je tady sice ten Denik z hrani, kde jsou nejaky rady: https://www.oldgames.sk/disc/ve-stinu-magie-denik-hrace Ktery vam muze pomoct, ale navod co se tyce puzzlu a ubezpeceni v tom, ze se divny veci nedejou jen na vasem monit...
2Ringo: Dik, porad toho mas dohrano vic v tyhle kategorii, byt dostupne doplnuju, nez abych u tebe diskutoval o tom, jestli si muzu myslet, to co si myslim, to nikam nevede :( Dokonce jsem zacal delat seznam, toho co jsem dohral - uz se blizim 300,...
New posts in English discussion: (10)
RuThaN van den N | 20.07.2021, 17:27
Hlavne predaje | Denik skvelej, jen mozna malo navodovej, kdyby se nekdo zasek, taky by me zajimalo jak hrdinove vypadali na konci. Ja se do toho pustil taky a zatim jsem v 15 patre, ty problemy s vodou jsem nemel, jelikoz lahvicky a kouzlo lesni pramen, ale stejne j...
RuThaN van den N | 17.07.2021, 20:25
Hlavne predaje.. | Denik skvelej, jen mozna malo navodovej, kdyby se nekdo zasek, taky by me zajimalo jak hrdinove vypadali na konci. Ja se do toho pustil taky a zatim jsem v 15 patre, ty problemy s vodou jsem nemel, jelikoz lahvicky a kouzlo lesni pramen, ale stejne j...
Mark Wakeman | 15.07.2021, 07:38
Dosbox with Windows 3.1 | I am very new to this, please be patient. I am trying to run Jewels of the Oracle, I have the original CD. I have Windows 10, 64-bit OS. I downloaded the Dosbox with Win 3.1 from this site, but I have no idea of what I am supposed to do. If I start ...
MrPepka | 24.05.2021, 16:44
 Requests for OldGames
Kozlík Matěj Vynálezce | I'm looking for the game Kozlík Matěj Vynálezce. Is it possible to add this game to the site?
Star Wars - Episode 1 Battle For Naboo PC Game | Hi, My name is Jose Luis De Moura, I grew up watching Star Wars movies and playing all their games that I could. I decided to make an installer for the game Star Wars®: Episode I Battle for Naboo™ so that I can play again this flight action consol...
kerrycooper | 23.04.2021, 13:51
 General discussion
Education | Hello! I have noticed that many students struggle with writing papers and need some writing help and consultation. Here is one page that can help many students to find a solution https://exclusive-paper.net/buy-a-research-paper-powerpoint-presentatio...
Devrim | 12.12.2020, 15:24
 Requests for OldGames
cheat forHeroes Might and Magıc Strategıc Quest | I am playing Heroes Might and Magıc Strategıc Quest. Is there any list of cheats for this game?
IGOR | 05.11.2020, 01:47
 Requests for OldGames
| Good Morning, I would like a version of EA Sports World Cup 98 that works on windows 7. With good graphics too; ) (not the "Way to the World Cup").
Karol | 18.10.2020, 20:45
 General discussion
| Definitely Albion (if you speak German, get the original version, if not ENG could also work). As an essay writer, you might find some inspiration in it apart of fun and general RPG/Adventure gameplay.
Online old games redesigned | At last, new redesign for our online section - modern responsive design and fresh javascript emulators. Games are now playable in all browsers or mobile devices, just loook at online.OldGames.sk...

Latest retro magazines and coverdisks: (10/343)
speccy.cz | 22.07.2021
 Fifo 4 [36]
speccy.cz | 22.07.2021
 Fifo 3 [36]
speccy.cz | 20.07.2021
 Fifo 2 [36]
CGW Museum | 14.03.2021
 Computer Gaming World 25 [50]
? | 23.12.2020
 Score 48 [132]
Archiarian | 01.12.2020
 GameStar 6/99 [100]
speccy.cz | 20.09.2020
 Fifo 1 [36]
DJ | 18.09.2020
 Excalibur CD 59 [2]
DJ | 14.09.2020
 Score CD 47 [40]
DJ | 14.09.2020
 Score CD 46 [34]
Latest additions to diskmags: (10/96)
DJ | 26.04.2021
 Kelt 9 [52]
DJ | 06.07.2020
 Kelt 8 [48]
DJ | 12.05.2020
 Kelt 7 [64]
DJ | 10.05.2020
 Kelt 4 [44]
DJ | 14.04.2020
 Kelt 3 [42]
DJ | 12.04.2020
 Kelt 2 [53]
DJ | 03.04.2020
 Kelt 1 [43]
DJ | 02.04.2020
 Guru 17 #2/93 [48]
DJ | 02.04.2020
 Guru 16 #1/93 [3]
DJ | 01.04.2020
 Guru 15 #7/92 [43]

Screenshots / Magazines comments: (10)
DJ | 26.07.2021, 15:27
Excalibur 18 | Richmond: no on ma este druhy diel v cisle 21 (/mag/excalibur-21/page/45/) a tam je nicnehovoriaci pseudonym T.D.T from ...
Richmond | 25.07.2021, 14:51
Excalibur 18 | Je vůbec známo, kdo tenhle článek psal? Když si vezmu, o jakých crpg hrách se v Excaliburu psalo, tak hry zde uvedené do...
Peter Krajčovič | 20.05.2021, 22:06
 BiT - Koniec
Excalibur 41 | Toto bol -luis-...
Swampy | 07.05.2021, 15:41
 Zak MC Kracken
Excalibur 9 | Presne ten isty obrazok (Zak) ako v Bite 10/91. Nahoda?...
Adam | 03.04.2021, 12:07
 BiT - Koniec
Excalibur 41 | -yves- Ďakujeme ...
Score 32 | Ak by to niekoho zaujímalo, tak tie screenshoty zo Shadow Warriora pochádzajú z alpha verzie z 8. septembra 1995. http...
Kloki38 | 02.04.2021, 13:05
Riki 7 | Vidím, že s obrázkami sa moc nebabrali. Tie prvé tri obrázky hore sú propagačné screenshoty z nikdy nepublikovanej beta ...
Swampy | 07.02.2021, 18:10
Excalibur 8 | Haha, tak tu to Riki dobre schytal. V strede, dole....
Score 42 | Ten Tone Rebellion ma celkom mile tagy: Fantasy, Puzzle elements, RPG Elements, Real-Time, Sci-Fi / Futuristic Z 1997......
Level 11 (12/95) | "Dluzno take rici, ze Dun Darach byla jedna z prvnich her od slavnych FTL, ano, tech, kteri o dva roky pozdeji stvo...
New Screenshots by users : (11)
mortarion | 28.07.2021, 18:18
 Prokletí Eridenu
kompletní mapa první patro
Ringo | 15.07.2021, 17:45
 Fantasy Empires
Moje postava po první vyhrané kampani.
Ringo | 24.05.2021, 23:00
Finální text a hodnocení.
Ringo | 24.05.2021, 23:00
Mám Dianosovu hlavu, mohu si jít pro odměnu.
Ringo | 24.05.2021, 22:59
Bitva s Dianosem - popravdě, velmi snadná
Ringo | 24.05.2021, 22:59
Jeden z posledních puzzlů
Ringo | 24.05.2021, 22:58
Dostat se sem znamená výhru na dosah
Ringo | 24.05.2021, 22:57
Zátiší u hradeb
Ringo | 24.05.2021, 22:57
Tyhle koule po kontaktu explodují.
Ringo | 24.05.2021, 22:57
Když nebudu dávat bacha, zatkne mě Dianos.
Ringo | 24.05.2021, 22:56
Tak tohle je dlouhé schodiště a pod ním rozbíječ předmětů.

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