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Logo Psygnosis was a British video game developer publisher, perhaps best known for their Lemmings, Wipeout and Shadow of the Beast series of games. During its early years, Psygnosis was famous for their moody computer games boasting cover art by Yes album cover artist Roger Dean. It became part of Sony in 1993 and eventually changed its name to Sony Studio Liverpool.

Founded by Ian Hetherington and Jonathan Ellis, the Liverpool-based Psygnosis was born from the ashes of the defunct 8-bit game company Imagine Software, where Hetherington was Financial Director. After the collapse of Imagine in 1984, the name and trademarks were bought by Ocean Software, while the rights of the software remained with original copyright owners. The fabled mega-games being created by the company, Bandersnatch (for the ZX Spectrum) and Psyclapse (for the Commodore 64), were fused into one to become Psygnosis' first release, called Brataccas. This game was originally created for the Sinclair QL, but was instead ported over to other Motorola 68000-based machines and released on the Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, and Apple Mac in 1985.

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The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep
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