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Logo Future Crew is a now-defunct group of Finnish computer coders and artists who created PC demos and software, active mostly between 1992 and 1994.

The group was founded in 1986 by PSI as a Commodore 64 group, before moving to the PC demoscene in 1988; other members included, over time, Trug, Wildfire, Pixel, ICE, GORE, Abyss, Purple Motion, and Skaven, as well as several others not listed here.
Noteworthy demos by Future Crew include Unreal (released at Assembly 1992), Panic (released at The Party 1992) and Second Reality (released at Assembly 1993). Second Reality may be considered one of the most influential PC demos ever made [1]. Future Crew was also responsible for the popular MOD editor Scream Tracker, which was fashioned after the Amiga Soundtracker, as well as the Advanced DigiPlayer sound editor.
Future Crew was co-organizer of the first Assembly demo party in 1992, and continued organizing the annual party until 1995, when the organization set up the Finnish company ASSEMBLY Organizing in order to "provide a solid financial basis for the events and a reliable partner for our sponsors." Long time Future Crew member Abyss is one of the party's main organizers...

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