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Lerner Research (a 3D simulation development company) was founded by Edward Lerner, or Ned Lerner, a video game designer and technology project leader in the video game industry, in 1983. Merged with Blue Sky Productions in 1992 to form Looking Glass Technologies.

Edward Lerner was responsible for Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer, Deep Space, Ultima Underworld, F-22 Interceptor, and also created the first 3D system licensed by Electronic Arts. He later co-founded Blue Sky Productions (later Looking Glass Studios), filling the roles of Chairman of the Board, Chief Operating Officer, and VP Product Development. During this time, he led the development of more 3D simulation and entertainment software, such as Flight Unlimited, System Shock, Links Pro, John Madden Football '93, and Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds...

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