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created by: dj, 07.03.2009, 12:49
modified by: dj, 07.02.2017, 09:24
Discussion about my install packages with oldgames, if you want for some new packages, post here...
Discussion about my install packages with oldgames, if you want for some new packages, post here...
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John Smith John Smith   | Package application 09.03.2022, 17:22:31     Reply   edit  delete 
Which program are you using to make the packages? Feel free not to answer.
Martin Obrien Martin Obrien   |  27.08.2021, 16:13:10     Reply   edit  delete 
hi i am a new member and i have downloaded bob their finest hour on windows 10 machine ...how do i run the program please . thanks martin
Jeffrey Unrau Jeffrey Unrau   | Forgotten Realms packages 15.04.2015, 19:40:36     Reply   edit  delete 
Is there a way to download the packages from Pool of Radiance to Pools of Darkness and the Savage Frontier series where I can transfer characters from game to game? The only games I was able to do this was the Dragonlance games. I also tried downloading the Collectors Edition but it won't run on my computer. Please help. Thank you.
DJ DJ   | Thanks and a Note on Dosbox 05.06.2014, 09:09:29     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from John Smith:
I'm working on re-newing the packages with old DOSBoxes to the new version, but there is still much to do ;-)

In the old DOSBox with old configurations this idea may help you: try to switch to fullscreen (ALT+ENTER) on the start, when the DOSBox is in the Text Mode with line "Press any key to continue.", continue in fullscreen and all colors will be fine...
John Smith John Smith   | Thanks and a Note on Dosbox 24.04.2014, 11:11:47     Reply   edit  delete 
Thank you for your website, i love this place. However many 0.72 dosbox packed games have a problem with alt-enter fullscreen, where the colors get garbled up. This was resolved by 0.74.
Some games have 0.74, but the ones that don't only work properly when i paste over the 0.74 files in the dosbox folder.
Any other ideas on this?
Sir Eyeball Sir Eyeball   | World of Aden: Entomorph - Plague of the Darkfall 03.03.2013, 23:02:15     Reply   edit  delete 
This game could use English guidance or even better an installer exe
DJ DJ   | Warcraft CD 02.02.2012, 09:40:00     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Adam:
Yes, this CD version (now signed as -rip-), don't contains CD Audio tracks, only game files (57 MB).
Now, I add the full CD-ROM version too, with CD Audio tracks as package (399 MB)...
Adam Adam   | Warcraft CD 13.11.2011, 08:59:53     Reply   edit  delete 
Hey DJ i've got a question: why Your Warcraft CD version is only 57MB while mine PC CD version which I have is over 300MB ? 315 to be exact.
DJ DJ   | Pool of Radiance PC DOS Package (exe) 17.07.2011, 09:39:43     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from noc:
Thanks for reporting,
now, the path to Pool.of.Radiance-www.oldgames.sk-Package.exe is fixed...
noc noc   | Pool of Radiance PC DOS Package (exe) 17.07.2011, 08:45:54     Reply   edit  delete 
Hello again.

The Pool of Radiance PC DOS Package (exe)download does not work. It gives an error message:
Not Found - The requested URL /downloads/oldgames/rpg/Pool.of.Radiance/Pool.of.Radiance-www.oldgames.sk-Package.exe was not found on this server.

Thank you.
DJ DJ   | Various game packages? 02.08.2010, 11:58:02     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Greg:
You can download Dragonlance (Krynn) Trilogy Package contains all 3 games installed, configured and Adventurer`s Journals in PDF format...
Greg Greg   | Various game packages? 17.06.2010, 03:26:56     Reply   edit  delete 
Hello DJ, just wondering if you could make your special packages for the DragonLance Goldbox series? Champions of Krynn, Death Knights and Dark Queen?
Also, The 3 Magic Candle games, and if possible, the 2 Megatraveller games?

Sorry if there are too many requests.
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | Planet\'s Edge + Twilight 2000 14.03.2010, 11:54:34     Reply   edit  delete 
Do you think you could make install packages for both these games?
Thanks in advance.
DJ DJ   | Phantasmagoria 19.02.2010, 14:55:22     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from bob:
Hi Bob, I make Pre-Installed package for complete Phantasmagoria, you can download it, make CD (ISO) images and play...
bob bob   | Phantasmagoria 19.02.2010, 13:32:04     Reply   edit  delete 
You have already made ph1 episode 1 but what about the other 6 episodes?
Can you make a pre-install packase for phantasmagoria 2? (I have the cd's)
william stanton william stanton   | burntime 23.12.2009, 13:08:37     Reply   edit  delete 
works fine now.thanks again
DJ DJ   | burntime? 22.12.2009, 21:26:51     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from william stanton:
Sorry for that bug, I repaired it, and now uploading new install package, please download and install (uninstall old first). Or create empty directory BURNGAME in your Burntime/C/BURN directory.
Example: C:\Program Files\Oldgames\Burntime\C\BURN\BURNGAME\
william stanton william stanton   | burntime? 22.12.2009, 12:46:40     Reply   edit  delete 
thanks for burntime DJ but it wont save?any suggestions?oh and merry christmas!
Marc Humes Marc Humes   | Blood Plasma Pack 19.09.2009, 18:53:30     Reply   edit  delete 
ok got the game and pack working just fine on dosbox 0.72
Marc Humes Marc Humes   | Blood Plasma Pack 19.09.2009, 17:40:11     Reply   edit  delete 
Ok I used Daemon tools and installed the Blood iso and the Plasma Pack Iso i ran dos box 0.73 to the blood directory the game pops up with the monolith logo and the GT but crashes at the new game screen i think a Plasma pack install package is highly needed or just some help XD
Marc Humes Marc Humes   | Blood Plasma Pack 19.09.2009, 17:32:56     Reply   edit  delete 
I think the Blood Plasma pack deserves a exe file because I cant get the blood iso's working correctly but the Blood DJ package with just Blood works amazeing
Geoff Geoff   | Stupid Question 05.09.2009, 11:51:44     Reply   edit  delete 
For some downloads I noticed that we have the option of downloading either the cd iso files or an exe file. If I understand correctly, the cd iso files contain exactly what you'd get from the original game. So I was wondering what the difference between the iso and exe files was? Do you lose anything by downloading the exe file? Thanks in advance to anyone who could clarify this for me.
Matthew Matthew   | Sam & Max Hit The Road 04.08.2009, 02:12:46     Reply   edit  delete 
can some one upload the game with working ingame voices
Ricardo Ricardo   | help xD 28.07.2009, 23:59:47     Reply   edit  delete 
hey im new here and i just downloaded monkey island 2 and i dowloaded the exe. and both of the links the czech an the english one are in czech there is a solution? and how can i unistall.
calerik calerik   | Nighthawk F-117A Stealth Fighter 2 21.05.2009, 21:30:18     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from DJ:
Amazing, even the sound is working. I just flew a quick mission at work, couldn't wait till I got home--Just the initial logo sound was enough to instantly take me back to my high school years. Thanks DJ, I will be enjoying several more hrs of this. 8D
DJ DJ   | Nighthawk F-117A Stealth Fighter 2 20.05.2009, 07:52:58     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from calerik:
Install package is available, I hope you have fun...
william stanton william stanton   | veil 18.05.2009, 20:54:43     Reply   edit  delete 
many thanks for veil of darkness gonna play it now :-)
calerik calerik   | Nighthawk F-117A Stealth Fighter 2 16.05.2009, 05:52:14     Reply   edit  delete 
I would like to request an install package for this game. I've been trying to install it via dosbox but haven't been successful. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. I remember spending hours playing this game when I was younger and wanted to relive some of that fun. :)
DJ DJ   | Veil of Darkness - package 15.05.2009, 20:47:21     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from william stanton:
Veil of darkness (exe) install package is available for download...
william stanton william stanton   | Veil of Darkness - package 14.05.2009, 17:36:54     Reply   edit  delete 
dj,please, please, please make veil of darkness an exe downlod.its a game i have always wanted to play and i cant sort out dosbox.
DJ DJ   | GoldBox series: TOSF 29.03.2009, 23:03:21     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Lennejo:
Yes, you're right ;-)
Treasures of the Savage Frontier package added...
Lennejo Lennejo   | GoldBox series: TOSF 29.03.2009, 13:30:26     Reply   edit  delete 
Dear DJ, could you please make a package for the "Treasures of the Savage Frontier"? (I`ve noticed that you have the whole GoldBox games collection, except this one). Many thanks for your efforts!
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