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created by: dj, 07.03.2009, 12:45
modified by: dj, 07.02.2017, 09:24
Looking to download an old game and can't find it?
Looking to download an old game and can't find it?
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Andrej Andrej   | Score Magazine (1998) Number 50 05.03.2022, 17:25:05     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from GamesHarder:
Unreal is 54, not 50.
GamesHarder GamesHarder   | Score Magazine (1998) Number 50 10.12.2021, 11:53:02     Reply   edit  delete 
Hi, I might be in the wrong topic but does anyone have the Score magazine from 1998 numbered 50? It's the one with the Unreal cover.
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MrPepka MrPepka   | Kozlík Matěj Vynálezce 24.05.2021, 16:44:48     Reply   edit  delete 
I'm looking for the game Kozlík Matěj Vynálezce. Is it possible to add this game to the site?
Devrim Devrim   | cheat forHeroes Might and Magıc Strategıc Quest 12.12.2020, 15:24:07     Reply   edit  delete 
I am playing Heroes Might and Magıc Strategıc Quest. Is there any list of cheats for this game?
IGOR IGOR   |  05.11.2020, 01:47:30     Reply   edit  delete 
Good Morning,
I would like a version of EA Sports World Cup 98 that works on windows 7. With good graphics too; )
(not the "Way to the World Cup").
   | Shining in the Darkness (Gen/MD) 05.07.2017, 06:13:04     Reply   edit  delete 
This is a rather fun dungeon crawling RPG that I believe is an offshoot from the Shining Force series. I've been playing it on Steam and was using this site's dungeon mapper to draw out the maps for this game as I went along. Wanted to submit my work to the site, but it seems if the game isn't featured on the site, I can't pick it as the game the map belongs to and thus can't publish it. Either that or there's something else I'm not seeing. *shrugs*

Either way, I'd say it's worth adding to the site. It's a nice game to introduce someone to dungeon crawlers, since it doesn't throw anything too off the wall at you at any point in the game (at least, nothing a decently prepared party can't deal with).
Sebastian Galind Sebastian Galind   | Game Request! (XS: The game that stalks back!) 20.02.2017, 21:09:28     Reply   edit  delete 
This is something like a Doom clone I think , but it looks fun and I can't find a working version anywhere!
Some footage:

And the best that I can find is this :

But doesn't work in dosbox, it gives me two possible errors;

This:(after the intro of the person who "cracked it")
problem one.png

Or this:

problem two.png

So , considering the good work that you did with the Last Rites Rip , I guess you could do a great thing to make this game work c:.

I hope you can get to see this. Thanks for your time and work.
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Dude27th_problem_one.png Dude27th_problem_two.png
Muhammad Yahya M Muhammad Yahya M   | Fahrenheit\'s Fabulous Fortune 18.07.2015, 05:13:50     Reply   edit  delete 
Anybody know about this game?
Fahrenheit's Fabulous Fortune: Physical Science by McGraw-Hill Staff

I once play it in the past.
It's a very good educational game.
I can't find it to download anywhere.
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | Wages of War + Soldiers at War 21.02.2015, 11:32:49     Reply   edit  delete 
I'd like to give a suggestion for two almost forgotten gems of the past. Both of them are similar to Jagged Alliance, but have been put on oblivion, it seems.

One is Wages of War ( ), a similar game to Jagged Alliance, where one also has to control a squad of mercenaries.

The other is Soldiers at War ( ), also isometric and turn-based, but this time set in the WW2 setting. We never got many games like these.

Check them out and think about it.

Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | Whale\'s Voyage 1 + 2 17.01.2015, 16:13:24     Reply   edit  delete 
Is it possible to upload the Whale's Voyage games?

Whale's Voyage is one of the least well-known sci-fi RPGs. A mixture between Elite and Dungeon Master.
Unfortunately Whale's Voyage 2 was only released in german, but I have a modified english version. Unfortunately I can't run it because it's a DOS game.

Thanks in advance.
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   |  21.11.2014, 13:30:41     Reply   edit  delete 
Now that Elite: Dangerous is about to be launched how about uploading Elite 2? ;)

Alexander Meltin Alexander Meltin   |  12.10.2014, 13:32:14     Reply   edit  delete 
I would really love to see Dark Earth here... I find no way to play it with my limited knowledge of emulation, but it's an excellent game with great atmosphere. Is there a possibility you'll add it to the collection?
John Smith John Smith   | Phantasie 04.04.2014, 23:45:31     Reply   edit  delete 
This series would be great
Samuel Samuel   |  09.03.2014, 12:15:05     Reply   edit  delete 
Hey, I just watched this review of Alternate Reality - The City:

And after watching I very much want to try this game out. Any chance of getting a package here?
sherdder sherdder   |  DETROIT (1994) DOS 24.01.2014, 11:40:18     Reply   edit  delete 
I think it will be great to see Detroit DJ'ed oldgames style :)
Chris Chris   |  22.01.2014, 00:29:15     Reply   edit  delete 
There are a few games I'd love to see get added but the big two(for me at least):

Operation: Bodycount
Traffic Department 2192

I also agree with the suggestion of MechWarrior 2.
Igrik Igrik   | Magic & Mayhem (a.k.a. Duel: The Mage Wars) 1998 Mythos Games 08.01.2014, 08:19:39     Reply   edit  delete 
Please add this game to the site:
Magic & Mayhem (a.k.a. Duel: The Mage Wars) 1998 Mythos Games.
Download link:
John lutz John lutz   | Apple game \"cognito\" 04.01.2014, 18:54:23     Reply   edit  delete 
Anyone have info on an old apple game called either cognito or incognito ?
NotTheSame NotTheSame   | Legend (aka The Four Crystals of Trazere) + Knights 03.07.2013, 23:18:07     Reply   edit  delete 
I don't see Mindscape 1992 game "Legend" :
Could you add it please?

Also I think we shouldn't forget about "Knights" (gee they had no imagination with such genuine names):
On this page you will find remake for Windows, links to original Amiga files should be there too.
Hippocrates Hippocrates   | Phantasie, Series 02.07.2013, 21:32:24     Reply   edit  delete 
I humbly request this game(s);
Nate Dogg Nate Dogg   | Cosmos Cosmic Adventure 24.06.2013, 07:36:10     Reply   edit  delete 
Cosmos Cosmic Adventure

Could you please add this to your site, at least the first episode which is shareware.
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | Protostar + Mechwarrior 2 23.06.2013, 12:41:15     Reply   edit  delete 
How about including these 3 classics on your site, DJ?

MECHWARRIOR 2 - The great classic in "giant mech combat" (a genre which has long been abandoned in gaming, unfortunately). And it seems GOG isn't much interested in putting this classic for sale on their site. :(

PROTOSTAR - The great classic of space trade gaming. The unnoficial sequel to "Starflight2".

WHALE'S VOYAGE - A space exploration/trading game.

anton anton   | requests for oldgames 17.06.2013, 15:51:59     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from marek munn:
Play this games in browser:
Double Dragon 3 -
Jungle Strike -
Samuel Samuel   | Please add these! 15.06.2013, 14:50:23     Reply   edit  delete 
Sorry to ask again, but I just discovered something important I think would be great to host here:

Bard's Lore ( - downloads/manual/cluebook/maps available there

They seem to be the only big decent 'games' to come out of the Bard's Tale Construction Set, I'm pretty sure if you copied the files into a folder already containing the BTCS files, it will run. Not sure about Bard's Lore 2 though. These look super rare and seem difficult to manually get working with DOSBox, so it would be great to have them both here to download.

ShadowCaster (

Never played this, but it looks like a cool first-person action-y RPG, and it has made by Origin Systems on an early version of the DOOM engine. I'd really like to check this out and it would be awesome to have it here.
Samuel Samuel   | Amulets & Armor 22.04.2013, 12:41:22     Reply   edit  delete 
Hey, this old DOS game is now freeware, it has an active community still going etc:

Downloadable here:

DOS settings here:

Any chance of getting a pre-setup version here?
Samuel Samuel   |  12.04.2013, 07:06:22     Reply   edit  delete 
Awesome, thanks for uploading it!
Samuel Samuel   | Corporation 08.04.2013, 15:15:44     Reply   edit  delete 
Lol, sorry I get mixed up.

Sorry to bother you again, have you heard of this game:

Looks kinda similar to Captive II
DJ DJ   | Neuromancer Apple IIGS 04.04.2013, 22:30:07     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Samuel:
Yes it is, from now You can download Neuromacer Apple IIgs Package here.

And I must correct your post: there is no Dragon Age for Apple IIgs, It is Dragon Wars ;-))
Samuel Samuel   | Neuromancer Apple IIGS 27.03.2013, 16:59:31     Reply   edit  delete 
Is there any chance of getting the Apple 2gs version of Neuromancer ( here in a self-run package with Kegs emulator like Bard's Tale 1/2 and Dragon Age are here?

You can get the rom here:
W W   | Real War 21.03.2013, 02:10:15     Reply   edit  delete 
this game may be too knew to add but i really liked the Real war games. could that be done?
and thx for maintaining this community. Staying retro-tuned =P
Sir Eyeball Sir Eyeball   | legend of faerghail 03.03.2013, 03:12:07     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from DJ:
Fountains of Dreams down Legend of Faerghail to go (Need thumbs up emoticon) ;)
Warhammer 40,000: Rites of War would be a very nice addition as well
Aron Aron   | Finding a win 95/98 game 01.03.2013, 21:19:24     Reply   edit  delete 
Hello everyone,

I'm searching for an old game which I played on win 95 or 98 like 10 years ago.
A game like this was built in the windows 95 or 98, you were with a spider, and your enemy was a snake. The goal was to outflank with the spider a particular percent of the map. If the snake hit you, you died, if crossed your path behind you, then cut the line and your flankink was unsuccsesful.

So the game that I looking for is just like this, except that there was more types of enemies, I gas you were not with a spider either, but the basic idea was the same. The backgrounds were different colors on other levels. That's what I remember now. I want to find it to my girlfriend it was a dimond for she. You whould make her so happy :)
Please help me.
pat workman pat workman   | Star General 27.02.2013, 03:26:36     Reply   edit  delete 
Would it be possible to add Star General sometime in the near future? Thanks.
DJ DJ   | legend of faerghail 07.02.2013, 16:14:12     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Sir Eyeball:
Yes, both cRPGs Fountain of Dreams and Legend of Faerghail will be added soon. Stay retro-tuned...
Sir Eyeball Sir Eyeball   | legend of faerghail 06.02.2013, 23:05:46     Reply   edit  delete 
fantastic old RPG in the Bardstale style
Samuel Samuel   | Fountain of Dreams 21.01.2013, 15:52:35     Reply   edit  delete 
Any chance getting this game here:

I know it's supposed to be quite inferior to Wasteland (1988) but since finishing Wasteland I'm rather interested in giving it a go.

Pretty please?
darthelvis darthelvis   | The Black Dahlia,Dark Earth,Transarctica,New Adventures of the Time Machine 16.12.2012, 19:20:14     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Bla Bla:
Bla Bla - I would also LOVE to see a working release of BLACK DAHLIA. I requested RIPPER upon joining this site and it was up in no time, fingers crossed this request can also be filled!
Bla Bla Bla Bla   | The Black Dahlia,Dark Earth,Transarctica,New Adventures of the Time Machine 26.10.2012, 10:05:10     Reply   edit  delete 
Thanks so much for all your brilliant work,this is my fav new site.
If i may be so bold i have few requests;

1.Black Dahlia
From the same company who made the Ripper-which was a pain in the ass to run on modern systems until i saw your release.
Game can be found around but it's really hard to run it on XP,could you release a package like Ripper for this one too?

2.Dark Earth
One of the greatest games of all time but to my knowledge it's impossible to run on modern systems and game is a really big rarity it would be a great addition here.

2 hidden Silmarils games.

4.New Adventures of the Time Machine
There is a 4 page manual available about 'how to run it on modern systems' but i still failed on my both attempts,when it got released game got great reviews so it would be nice to see it here with one of your packages.

Hopefully you have the time to go thru your archives if not still thanks a lot for all your wonderful work don't think it's taken for granted,Take Care.
Samuel Samuel   | Magic Candle series 10.09.2012, 11:52:15     Reply   edit  delete 
Is their any chance of getting this great cRPG series here? It's definetely abandonware, and I found this semi-official website which offers all the manuals/covers/patches/documentation etc:
It would be awesome if we could have simple set-up exe's with all the patches etc installed, apparently the games were quite bugged at release. We already have "Bloodstone" here on oldgames, which is part of the Magic Candle series:

Pretty please?
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | MechWarrior 2 29.08.2012, 13:26:06     Reply   edit  delete 
How about adding this great classic of Mech combat, DJ? ;)

Thanks in advance.
JWood JWood   | the Magic Candle 26.04.2012, 19:07:52     Reply   edit  delete 
Looking for The Magic Candle, it is the first of a trilogy, I just don't remember the other two.

web reference

There were 3, all three were jus the magic candle, the magic candle II and the magic candle III
Craig Craig   | Front Page Sports Football..Any of them in CD-ISO format? 22.03.2012, 19:09:08     Reply   edit  delete 
Feeels so bad knowing that I got rid of this game many,many years ago..Now I regret Is there a CD-ISo format of this on OldGames?? I can't seem to get DosBox going on my Windows 7, 64 bit..SO, at least with the CD-ISO format I can mount it and play. Much appreciated if anyone has any versions of Front Page Sports Football in CD-ISO format. Thank you.
Jonathan Wood Jonathan Wood   | Millenium 2200 26.02.2012, 07:00:53     Reply   edit  delete 
Looking for millenium 2200
wont tell wont tell   | unknown early/mid 90s MS-DOS PC First-Person Action/Racing 02.02.2012, 02:11:32     Reply   edit  delete 
early/mid 90s MS-DOS PC First-Person Action/Racing - 3D landscape, 2D sprites (eight-sided enemy vehicles and infantry)

the player moves level per level in a buggy-tank-like vehicle through an arena, and can exit the vehicle to walk around on foot too, to reach areas of the map that are inaccessible by vehicle. Some maps contain a replacement-vehicle that could be used "with the same life" when the first car got destroyed or too damaged.

What i recall of the gameplay was basically just killing everything to fetch keys to get to other areas and eventually exit the arena to proceed to the next one - I don't recall the player on foot having different weapons but I think the vehicle has numerous kinds of armament.

it wasn't thaaaat great of a game, but entertaining ... i guess it mostly bothers me that i cannot recall the title - i'm sorry if this it the wrong place to ask for such.
Andre Andre   | Battlezone 1 and 2 01.02.2012, 09:12:25     Reply   edit  delete 
I'd love to get the old Battlezone games published by Activision back in '98 and '99.. As far as I'm concerned these were some of the best games to combine FPS and RTS gameplay, and I still wish we had more games like this today.

Just for reference, here are the wiki pages for these games:
Tato Tato   |  20.01.2012, 13:41:55     Reply   edit  delete 
Hi everyone. I have been visiting this site and I think it's great because I've never been able to run by myself dosbox and configure it properly. There is a game, Magic The Gathering, which is from 1997, that can be played without dosbox but it runs quite fast making it unplayable, and I have read that with dosbox the game runs great in every computer. I don't think the game is being sold anymore.

Thanks for everything.

Joseph Joseph   | Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 16.01.2012, 20:15:37     Reply   edit  delete 
Hi everyone. I'm new to the site and am so grateful to see the classic Star Wars: Tie Fighter and X-Wing in nice, neat little packages which can run on my newer pc, so thank you for that.

My request is for a CD package exe for another great Star Wars game...Rogue Squadron. Please let me know if there is any chance of getting this to run easily in Windows 7 with USB gamepad support.

Thank you in advance.
darthelvis darthelvis   | Ripper (1996) 07.01.2012, 20:30:27     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Adam:
cheers Adam, someone has uploaded here since I posted request. Off to get it now!!
Adam Adam   | Ripper (1996) 29.12.2011, 11:13:41     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from darthelvis:
Just type in google Ripper pc torrent and you will find it still alive somewhere.
darthelvis darthelvis   | Ripper (1996) 26.12.2011, 18:55:43     Reply   edit  delete 
looking for RIPPER (1996) PC game, starring Christopher Walken. I believe it was developed by Take Two and was 6 discs.

Any help finding this appreciated.
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