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created by: dj, 07.03.2009, 19:36
modified by: dj, 07.02.2017, 09:25
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John Smith John Smith   | Old dosbox installers update 29.11.2021, 18:51:02     Reply   edit  delete 
How can we update the old dosbox installers to 0.74-3 without overwriting, just copy pasting i mean, post installation?
jessRD jessRD   |  11.10.2016, 13:16:12     Reply   edit  delete 
I spent so much time trying to figure out how most of those old games work so that now I should buy term papers for me and my classmates who wasted their time as I did. I am looking for something similar to Dungeon Keepers, any ideas?
vla vla   | Wizardry 6 Bane of the Cosmic Forge 04.03.2013, 09:40:03     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Bill Poteat:
Starting the game W6 enter Game configuration, delete A: and exit. Ready.
Many gamers do not know where is their save file, namely savegame.dbs Easy.
Under Dos execute the command below
c:\>dir savegame.dbs /s enter
In my case the save file was found in
C:\>users\My user name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramFiles\Oldgames\Wizardry6\C\Bane
I use Win 7. I use some Virtual machine.
Same procedure if You make video clips. ;)
biggreen biggreen   | Wizardry Proving Grounds Unable To Save 28.12.2012, 21:06:21     Reply   edit  delete 
I'm trying to save my progress on Wizardry Proving Grounds Of The Mad Overlord and the code only appears once I close the game window, and then it can only be seen for a couple seconds before disappearing(not enough time to copy the save code). How do I get around this? I've been waiting to beat this game for over 20 years and would love some help. Thanks.
jon jon   | Character Voices Missing in The Dark Eye 22.10.2012, 14:39:47     Reply   edit  delete 
Hello, I finally got The Dark Eye working and wanted to play it since I finally heard about it as well as some old reviews and it looks like a very underrated and very unique games. I was playing the begining and some parts just have a the character sitting there saying nothing, so I looking on youtube and seen there is talking during the scenes but when I'm playing it half of the sound just isn't there. Oldgames.sk provided a self installer as well, so I'm not sure what it would be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.... I've been dying to play this!
Fran Hermida Fran Hermida   | No character voices in Discworld 28.04.2012, 16:03:15     Reply   edit  delete 
I cannot hear character voices in Discworld. Does anoyone know how to fix it? Thanks
Craig Craig   | Controller keeps moving in DosBox? 26.03.2012, 03:59:42     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from DJ:
Thanks yet again. I've been readjusting them and STILL it seems to just move on its own. Noobness kicking in here.I'm lost..lol
DJ DJ   | Controller keeps moving in DosBox? 25.03.2012, 21:04:10     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Craig:
In the DOSBox .conf file, there is only 5 options:


All options are described in .conf file...
Craig Craig   | Controller keeps moving in DosBox? 24.03.2012, 19:19:54     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from DJ:
Thanks DJ...One more noob question...The joystick and timed options that you stated..Are those the only 2 options I would try to reconfigure?
DJ DJ   | Controller keeps moving in DosBox? 23.03.2012, 23:01:18     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Craig:
Hi Craig,
in the DOSBox config file search for section [joystick] and try to experiment with settings:

But DOSBox itself cannot configure joystick, it's only something like "bridge". You must configure joystick in your "host sytem" first (Windows) and then in your aplication (Front Page Sports)...
Craig Craig   | Controller keeps moving in DosBox? 22.03.2012, 20:06:59     Reply   edit  delete 
I'm trying to play Front Page Sports Football 95 and when it asks to calibrate my controller at the start. I do what it says (Hold joystick upper right and hit a button; etc) but wehen I go to play it seems that I cant control my players? Any ideas?***Partial SOLVED** I CAN control players BUT, it keeps pulling to the right ..Is there somewhere I can mess with the config and redo my buttons?
james james   | AD&D collectors addition 25.09.2011, 04:10:40     Reply   edit  delete 
I just downloaded this and unzipped it. Now what do I do to get it running? There is an image file that I do not know anything about. I think I need to do something with this but I need some help on what to do. When I click on it windows 7 indicates that I need to burn it to a disk. When I try that windows says that the file isn't valid. I hope someone can help. Thank you.
Timothy Morgan Timothy Morgan   | Wing Commander Deluxe Ed. exe 03.09.2011, 04:13:51     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from paul moser:
Just tryed this out and it worked. Right ckick on the Wing Commander shortcut and go to properties. In there you will see a tab call Compatibility. Click that and Check "Run this progran in", and choose Window Vista(Service Pack 2). After that check Privlege Level so you are running the program as an administrator. Click "Apply" and you are good to go.
herpsters herpsters   | how to use dosbox 15.07.2011, 05:03:33     Reply   edit  delete 
Hello people, i am not sure if there is a guide here already..but here it goes. 1. extract the game. 2. make a folder in your C drive and name it something under 8 letters with no spaces. 3 put the game in there 4. open dosbox. 5. type in mount c c:\ 6. type in c:\ 7. type cd 8. type in the .exe name 9. enjoy the game. i hope it helped
General General   | Ugh! 04.07.2011, 12:09:27     Reply   edit  delete 
Thank you for adding Ugh! Great job, as always.
Corey Corey   | Wing Commander won\'t run 03.07.2011, 01:32:33     Reply   edit  delete 
I'm trying to play Wing Commander, the special addition, but it won't run. When I start the game, it gives me the option of selecting 1 or 2. Whichever one I select, it says "Loading Wing Commander. Please Wait....Expanded Memory Detected." And that's it. The game just freezes up and goes no further. What can I do to get it to work?
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | HELP PLEASE LANDS OF LORE 2 13.06.2011, 00:29:45     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from steve:
You have to copy the ISO files to CD format.

Use a CD burning software like NERO and convert the files to CD.
steve steve   | HELP PLEASE LANDS OF LORE 2 31.05.2011, 02:24:39     Reply   edit  delete 
Hey guys, i've downloaded anvil of dawn and LOL1 with success, but LOL2 is 4 discs, and i cannot figure it out! I have winzip but once i dl the zip file i'm lost! I really wanna play this! I have windows 7 please help!!!!!
lauren lauren   | Princess Maker 2/Windows 7 16.04.2011, 06:16:15     Reply   edit  delete 
hi, I'm having trouble getting Princess Maker 2 to work on my Windows 7 computer. my computer is also fairly old, it's a Dell Inspiron 6000. not sure if it's relevant but more info is better than too little! if someone could walk me through the process or point out if I'm missing something or what, that would be great. I am downloading some updates right now (service pack 1, namely) and I'll try again after those install, but that might not be the problem.

anyone? thanks!
jon jon   | Lemmings 31.03.2011, 19:53:44     Reply   edit  delete 
I Downloaded this but there is no directions on how to install/run this game on vista. Could someone help me?

gordon gordon   | dune 2000 02.03.2011, 23:46:27     Reply   edit  delete 
I'm running windows xp by the way
gordon gordon   | dune 2000 02.03.2011, 23:45:49     Reply   edit  delete 
I installed it and unzipped it but when I try to run the exe file the screen goes black with game music in the background. and nothing happens!
as someone ignorant in dos and emulators I must say that the packages in this site are wonderfully helpful!! thanks
Dingo Star Dingo Star   | Save Games in Sherlock Holmes 14.01.2011, 00:18:39     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Dingo Star:
Sorry - I'm running windows 7 and I havn't been tinkering with any config options. Just payed, downloaded and installed.
Dingo Star Dingo Star   | Save Games in Sherlock Holmes 14.01.2011, 00:14:36     Reply   edit  delete 
Hi everyone,

I'm new to DosBox and I'm having trouble with a recently downloaded version of "The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: Curse of the Rose Tattoo" (phew, what a title).

Everything seems to be running smooth - game plays full-screen through the intro sequence no problem and I can control the main character - but I can't seem to save the game.

When I enter the save menu I can select and name the slot to save in, but as soon as I return to either the save or load menu (either after or before quitting the game) the slot will be empty. The only slot with a name is number one which from the beginning has been names www.oldgames.sk

So - can I possibly find a way to save internally through the game and/or does DosBox have a save function?

Thanks in advance,
pat workman pat workman   | Complete ignorance 30.09.2010, 08:47:05     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Cindy:
Did you download the Jack.in.the.Dark-www.oldgames.sk-Compilation.exe ? do so and run that, it should setup perfectly, dosbox is included with it.
marek munn marek munn   | Complete ignorance 01.09.2010, 06:47:36     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Cindy:
if you downloaded dosbox and the required dos game.then all you have to do is just drag game exe to dosbox
a game exe is file what starts up the game.
that what i always do
just drag to dosbox and it will play
how to drag?
first open up game folder.
then put the dosbox icon to desktop(if it is not there yet)
then just take exe file and drag with mouse to dosbox.
thats it
Cindy Cindy   | Complete ignorance 30.08.2010, 23:50:46     Reply   edit  delete 
I have to admit that I'm completely clueless as to how to download/install these games. Isn't there a very clear, basic step-through for us DOS dummies? I JUST want to play the games..

I did manage to install DOSBox, am running Win 7 on a brand new ASUS G60 notebook. But that's as far as I got with the old games. I initially wanted to play Jack in the Dark. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Nicole Oncay Nicole Oncay   | The 7th Guest 31.07.2010, 07:53:40     Reply   edit  delete 
i am running windows vista.....downloaded the 7th guest preinstall and two discs? when i go to play through DOS window it asks me for the disc one, what do i do to play? i already read the preinstall help about instaling it to YOURFOLDER...it did not work! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
paul moser paul moser   | Wing Commander Deluxe Ed. exe 24.06.2010, 01:12:51     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Miguel Leal:
I'm running Windows 7. That could have something to do with it.
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | Wing Commander Deluxe Ed. exe 23.06.2010, 14:45:37     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from paul moser:
I've been playing the game recently (the DJ package) and it works fine. I'm running it on XP.
paul moser paul moser   | Wing Commander Deluxe Ed. exe 21.06.2010, 05:33:56     Reply   edit  delete 
I downloaded this pkg and it won't run. It starts, says loading expanded memory ... then it hangs up. I tried some things but nothing seems to help. Any ideas? Buy the way your packages are great. I really like starting the games directly out of windows. Everything else I've downloaded works flawlessly.
DJ DJ   | Wizardry 6 Bane of the Cosmic Forge 12.06.2010, 20:07:49     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Bill Poteat:
Hi Bill. In Wizardry 6 is only one savegame slot - file "SAVEGAME.DBS" in main BANE directory. Directory "Saves" contains my backup saved games ;-)
In game, after "save" procedure, I manualy copy file SAVEGAME.DBS to other directory with new name...
Bill Poteat Bill Poteat   | Wizardry 6 Bane of the Cosmic Forge 12.06.2010, 15:30:42     Reply   edit  delete 
How do I save a game? The game expects a 3.5 floppy disk to be present as drive C? I press return at the prompt and nothing happens. There are saved games that came with the download in the C:\BANE\SAVES directory. I cannot figure out how to get to these. Is it a DosBox setting or a game config setting?
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | PACIFIC STRIKE - Joystick Issue 11.05.2010, 09:42:44     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Dos gaming:
I tried doing that. It only makes things worse (makes joystick unusable even in game's menus).

I've done some searching and I think it may be related to DOSBox itself. I don't know...
Dos gaming Dos gaming   | PACIFIC STRIKE - Joystick Issue 11.05.2010, 06:00:32     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Miguel Leal:
try calibrating yoystick
maybe that is game bug dont know exactly
Miguel Leal Miguel Leal   | PACIFIC STRIKE - Joystick Issue 10.05.2010, 21:07:31     Reply   edit  delete 
I've been trying to play the game with an USB "ThrustMaster" joystick.

The joystick works perfectly in the game's menus.

Unfortunately, during flight, I can't control the plane as it is always leaning right, making flight impossible.

Can anyone help me, please? :(
DJ DJ   | Fate (RPG section) 02.02.2010, 14:14:44     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Lennejo:
Download link is repaired. Hoborg changed his HWA package to registered WHDLoad required.
I added amiga floppy disk images too.
Thanks to broken link report Lennejo ;-)
Lennejo Lennejo   | Fate (RPG section) 01.02.2010, 19:53:53     Reply   edit  delete 
Download link doesn't work (error 404):( Is it just me or...?
william stanton william stanton   | hired guns 07.01.2010, 15:55:01     Reply   edit  delete 
works fine but no sound in the actual game?its ok on the title screen but when i start to play no sound at all?any ideas please
mike hobbs mike hobbs   | Need help installing the game \"the 7th guest\" 27.04.2009, 22:48:32     Reply   edit  delete 
I have recently joined this fine group and
at the risk of sounding ignorant, I recently downloaded the game "7th guest" and my problem is I can't get it to run.
When I try to run it through dosbox it says insert the 2nd disk, I have both files, but I can't get it to run. After hours of trying to get it to work in various ways, I have accomplished nothing save more frustration than one can shake a stick at. My question is, is there a tutorial for those of us who are a bit challenged in that area or can someone help walk me through how to install it? Or has anyone else had any of this same trouble with this game?
Thank you in advance.
As well as thank you for the prompt an professional manner in which this matter was handled.
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