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created by: dj, 07.03.2009, 12:45
modified by: dj, 07.02.2017, 09:24
Looking to download an old game and can't find it?
Looking to download an old game and can't find it?
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DJ DJ   | 11th Hour 22.06.2009, 15:29:52     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Brian Pavlas:
Yes, here you are: 11th Hour ;-)
Brian Pavlas Brian Pavlas   | 11th Hour 21.06.2009, 17:30:33     Reply   edit  delete 
I loved 7th Guest!!! Are there any chances you'll put up the sequel, 11th Hour?
DJ DJ   | OldGames Requests 18.06.2009, 17:48:47     Reply   edit  delete 
Will be added soon: Space Crusade, Heimdall 1,2, Darkmere
Maybe: Sanitarium, The Residents series
No: KQ7, Shadow Watch, Discworld 2, Noir
william stanton william stanton   |  15.06.2009, 18:46:32     Reply   edit  delete 
heimdall 1+2 and darkmere please
Peter Brown Peter Brown   | a couple of inSCAPE games 08.06.2009, 11:52:51     Reply   edit  delete 

Devo - Adventures of the Smart Patrol
The Residents - Bad Day on the Midway

Developer: inSCAPE
Ramza Ramza   | Utopia 05.06.2009, 23:22:23     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Ramza:
Thnx for Utopia! Alas I have to go away for 5 weeks for work but I will most definetly grab the game when I am back!! Thnx again!
Ramza Ramza   | 2 games actually 01.06.2009, 21:16:03     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from DJ:
OMG OMG OMG TY for the hero quest!! I din't even know there was a 2nd part of the game haha
Thanks again!
Matt Matt   | Request 01.06.2009, 12:17:47     Reply   edit  delete 
Sanitarium, a great adventure game released in 1998.
Ramza Ramza   | Utopia 28.05.2009, 14:28:18     Reply   edit  delete 
The big brother of Simcity and waaaay more complicated ^^
BlackCanopus BlackCanopus   | 3 Games 23.05.2009, 15:28:48     Reply   edit  delete 
These games: Shadow Watch, Discworld 2 and Discworld Noir
DJ DJ   | 2 games actually 22.05.2009, 09:20:13     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from Ramza:
Hero Quest and Space Crusade will be added soon, stay 'retro tuned'... ;-)

KQ7 and Noir: No for now :(
Ramza Ramza   | 2 games actually 21.05.2009, 17:41:58     Reply   edit  delete 
First of a BIG thank you for making great games aplyable again!

My request number 1 is Hero Quest, the game made after the classical board game.
Secondly: Space Crusade, the alien tactical/strategy shooter

Thanks in advance!
Alex Alex   | King\'s Quest 7 20.05.2009, 22:28:18     Reply   edit  delete 
I've seen where you have King's Quest 1-6. Are you planning on adding KQ7: The Princeless Bride anytime soon?
mike hobbs mike hobbs   | A game I would like to find is any of the discworld series 30.04.2009, 03:11:54     Reply   edit  delete 
I know you have discworld one, but do you have, or can you make available discwold noir or any of the others?
Thank you in advance.
DJ DJ   | Phantasmagoria 18.04.2009, 08:26:23     Reply   edit  delete 
Show Reply to post from mike hobbs:
Hi Mike, Phantasmagoria - Episode One (1 CD) will be added soon, stay tuned...
mike hobbs mike hobbs   | I have never posted here therefore am unfamiliar with protocol. 16.04.2009, 23:19:46     Reply   edit  delete 
The games I can't find are of the Phantasmagoria series. Is it possible to put those on here? Even a demo would be great. Thanks in advance.
Peter Szekeres Peter Szekeres   | Imperium Galactica 13.04.2009, 11:21:15     Reply   edit  delete 
It is a good game like REUNION, made by the same Hungarian programer group. Can you get the CD version somehow?
DJ DJ   | Re: Football Pro series 20.01.2009, 19:38:06     Reply   edit  delete 
Craig: Front Page Sports: Football is here, Football PRO 93 and 95 will be next... ;-)
Craig Craig   | Football Pro series 15.01.2009, 01:32:23     Reply   edit  delete 
Any chance for any of the Football Pro series making it to DJ Games? Wasted so many teenage hours with the 96
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