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 Brány Skeldalu: 7 mágů

release year
 Napoleon Games
 Napoleon Games
genre / theme
 fantasy, grid-based, turn-based
 iOS, Android, PC Windows
7 Mages (Gates of Skeldal: 7 Mages) is a 2016 video game developed by Napoleon Games. It is the third installment in Gates of Skeldal series. 7 Mages a tactical, turn-based game with that focuses on musical magic. Each character has a tune they can play to directly affect anyone within earshot. 7 Mages is a dungeon crawler that features gameplay similar to the original Gates of Skeldal. The player moves squares in real-time, but battles are turn-based. Each mage has some specialization, such as being a warrior or archer. There are multiple types of magic, such as elemental magic and musical magic etc. Musical magic uses instruments, and its effect weakens with larger distances. Magic can heal, refill mana, resurrect dead companions, etc...
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