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 Anatema: Legenda o prekliati

release year
 Rune Software
 Riki Computer Games
genre / theme
 3D first person view
Anatema is an adventure game from the Slovak team Rune Soft, using 3D engine similar to Wolfenstein 3D. Game is played from the eyes of the main character (first person) in a simple 3D environments with objects drawn as sprites. Anatema is based on examination, collecting and using objects, work with inventory and solving puzzles - minigames. The story describes the fate of Esiesena, the outlaw who hides from pursuers in a cursed castle Emar...
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game added: 12.04.2011, 10:59 (dj)
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Anatema: Legenda o prekliati - V zámku Emar, Rytierske brnenie
V zámku Emar, Rytierske brnenie
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