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 Armor Attack

release year
 Cinematronics, Inc.
 GCE, Cinematronics
genre / theme
 multidirectional shooter, top-down, vector, vehicular
 Arcade (1980), Vectrex (1982)
Armor Attack is a vector graphics multidirectional shooter designed by Tim Skelly and released in arcades by Cinematronics in 1980. In Armor Attack, the player controls a jeep in an overhead, maze-like view of a town. The buildings are not drawn in the game, but are an overlay that sits on top of the monitor. The overlay also tints the vectors green. Armor Attack was released for the Vectrex in 1982. The jeep is armed with a rocket launcher that fires straight forward; the player can have two rockets on-screen at the time...
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Armor Attack - Arcade
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