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 Battle Isle 2 Scenery CD: Titan's Legacy

release year
 Blue Byte Studio GmbH
 Blue Byte Studio GmbH
genre / theme
 sci-fi, turn-based, tactics
After the destruction of Titan-Net, the great strategist Val Haris tried to establish a democratic government on Chromos. But the minister Argok Kraal stages a coup d'etat against him, with the help of the media conglomerate STAG. Now you have to escape the prison island you've been banished to and restore peace and freedom on Chromos again by defeating Kraal and the STAG as well as his aides, the partisan leaders Mol Durag and General Dengh...
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Battle Isle 2 Scenery CD: Titan's Legacy - Trokort Island, Mission Briefing
Trokort Island, Mission Briefing
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