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 Battle Isle 2 (Battle Isle 2200)

release year
 Blue Byte Studio GmbH
 Blue Byte Studio GmbH
genre / theme
 sci-fi, turn-based, tactics
Battle Isle 2200 (Battle Isle 2 in Europe) is the second title in Blue Byte's Battle Isle series. Set in a futuristic world, players fight in turn-based scenarios against the computer army of Titan Net. The battlefield is organized in hex fields. Each time a battle takes place, a 3D polygon animation sequence is started and shows the results of the battle. After a long space flight, the player arrives on the planet of Chromos and must save the planet's civilization from the Titan-net Empire...
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Battle Isle 2 (Battle Isle 2200) - Gameplay - Attack recon
Gameplay - Attack recon
Game Details
 Where to buy full version? Where to buy full version?
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