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 Below the Root

release year
 Dale Disharoon, Inc.
 Windham Classics
genre / theme
 fantasy, sci-fi, platform
 Apple II, Commodore 64, PC DOS
Below the Root is an adventure game released in 1984, based on Zilpha Keatley Snyder's fantasy book series "The Green-Sky Trilogy". Green-sky is a planet covered in very large trees, called grunds. Humans have been living there for a while after they escaped from Earth long ago because of war. On Green-sky, they tried to create a society with no war or violence at all. The player can assume the role of one of five characters with different abilities, a member of one of two races - the Kindar or the Erdling...
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Below the Root - PC (CGA Composite Monitor), Gameplay
PC (CGA Composite Monitor), Gameplay
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