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 Betrayal in Antara

release year
 Sierra On‑Line, Inc.
 Sierra On‑Line, Inc.
genre / theme
 fantasy, turn-based
 PC Windows 3.x, Windows 95
Although not a sequel, Betrayal in Antara uses an updated version of Betrayal at Krondor's game engine. Sierra had lost the rights to produce another game based on Raymond Feist's Midkemia, and therefore had to create the game world of Ramar. The player, controlling a small party of characters, is generally allowed to explore the world how they wish, but only certain locations are accessible in each chapter. Compared to Betrayal at Krondor, Betrayal in Antara is more linear and restricted in where the player can travel...
rating (OldGames): 68%
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game added: 16.10.2010, 20:24 (dj)
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