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 Dungeon Master: Chaos Strikes Back

release year
 FTL Games
 FTL Games
genre / theme
 fantasy, action, expansion
 Atari ST, Amiga, X68000, PC-9801, FM-Towns
Chaos Strikes Back is an expansion to Dungeon Master, the first 3D real-time action computer role-playing game, uses the same engine, with new graphics and creatures. The game is therefore pitched at a much higher difficulty level than its predecessor. The player can choose from a selection of moderately high-level characters or can import characters from a Dungeon Master saved game. In an indication of the game's uncompromising toughness, the player's very first task is to get out of a dark, enclosed room filled with ferociously toothed man-eating giant worms...
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Dungeon Master: Chaos Strikes Back - Atari ST, Worm
Atari ST, Worm
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