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 Dark Heart of Uukrul, The

release year
 Digital Studios Limited
 Brøderbund Software, Inc.
genre / theme
 fantasy, turn-based
 Apple II (1989), PC DOS (1990)
The Dark Heart of Uukrul is a first person perspective, turned-based role-playing game, where the player takes control of a party of four specifically classed adventurers: fighter, paladin, priest and magician. The player may use a pre-generated party or create an entirely new party. The adventure takes place in the immense underground city of Eriosthé, which consists of twisting caverns and dangerous monsters. Adventurers may however, take refuge in sanctuaries - safe havens created by the Ancients to provide safe resting, storing items, and access to teleportation portals. One important feature of the game is its auto-map, therefore, there is no need to use a paper and pencil to draw the map, although in certain areas there's a fog preventing viewing the map at all. The city itself is divided in zones, and to move from one zone to the next, the party must pass through sanctuaries. The sanctuaries are the only place where the game can be saved, and has also a cache to save items, the party can rest and recover health points...
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Dark Heart of Uukrul, The - PC DOS, Title and Main menu
PC DOS, Title and Main menu
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