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release year
 Thalion Software
 Thalion Software
genre / theme
 fantasy, turn-based
 Amiga, Atari ST (1990), PC DOS (1991)
Dragonflight is a fantasy RPG with a top-down view on the gaming world and turn-based battles. It is the first role-playing game created ​​by Thalion and can be regarded as the spiritual predecessor of the famous Amber series (Amberstar, Ambermoon). The player is looking on the game environment from the bird's perspective, except in dungeons or battles, when the game switches to side-view with chessboard (like in the Might & Magic strategy). There are 10 dungeons to explore, encompassing 12 different cities and villages, all full of NPCs to interact with...
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Dragonflight - Amiga, Gameplay - Start...
Amiga, Gameplay - Start...
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