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 Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

release year
 Sierra On‑Line, Inc.
 Sierra On‑Line, Inc.
genre / theme
 FMV, detective, mystery, horror
 PC DOS, Windows (1995), Macintosh (1996)
The second game (also known as The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery) follows Gabriel on his second Schattenjäger case. A year after the events of Sins of the Fathers, he has moved to his ancestral home in Bavaria, Germany to write his new novel. The game was created using techniques developed in Phantasmagoria, with the characters and many objects captured in real-time video against blue screen backgrounds and appearing on `virtual sets` consisting largely of photographic backgrounds...
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Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within - Gabriel Knight - Huber Farm Interior
Gabriel Knight - Huber Farm Interior
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 Where to buy full version? Where to buy full version?
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