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 Genghis Khan

release year
 KOEI Co., Ltd.
 KOEI Co., Ltd.
genre / theme
 turn-based, rpg, tactics, historical
 NEC PC-9801 (1987), MSX, Sharp X68000 (1988), NES, PC DOS (1989), Amiga (1990)
Genghis Khan is the third game in the series of historical strategies developed by KOEI (Romance of Three Kingdoms, Nobunaga's Ambition). Unlike its predecessor, brings many news and especially the focus on character development - leaders, generals and their families. Everything is completely in turn-based mode and the game reflected the historical realities of the time of Genghis Khan's (Temujin) campaigns, founder of great Mongol Empire...
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Genghis Khan - PC DOS, Lord Richard I
PC DOS, Lord Richard I
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