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 Hired Guns

release year
 DMA Design Limited
 Psygnosis Limited
genre / theme
 Amiga, PC DOS
Hired Guns is a computer role-playing game produced by DMA Design for the Amiga. The game is set in the year 2712, in which the player controls four mercenaries selected from a pool of twelve. One of the advancements of the game was that the four characters were on screen simultaneously in their own window. The game was also ported to the PC. The plot is that a hostage rescue mission on the planet Graveyard proves to be illusory and that they have actually been lured into a weapons proving ground, in order to pit genetically engineered creatures against them to see how they fare...
rating (OldGames): 80%
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game added: 06.07.2009, 09:34 (dj)
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