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 Iron Cross

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 New World Computing, Inc.
 New World Computing, Inc.
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 real-time/turn-based, historical battle, WW2
Iron Cross is a real time/turn based hybrid wargame placed in the France of WW2. Command the Axis or the Allied force as you recreate 12 historic battles of World War II. Storm the beaches of Normandy in `Omaha Beach`, or attempt to route the German forces from their entrenched positions in `Breakout at St. Lo.` Each scenario is an accurate description of the actual battle; every detail is carefully recreated, from the town layout and surrounding terrain to the type of units and number of airstrikes available at the time...
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game added: 02.03.2010, 19:41 (dj)
last update: 02.03.2010, 21:22 (dj)
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Iron Cross - Gameplay, top-down view
Gameplay, top-down view
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