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 Keys to Maramon, The

release year
 Mindcraft Software, Inc.
 Mindcraft Software, Inc.
genre / theme
 fantasy, real-time, top-down
 PC DOS (1990), Amiga, Commodore 64 (1991)
The Keys to Maramon is action RPG with top-down view, set in the same world as Magic Candle series, and uses a modified MC engine. The town of Maramon is under siege from an evil wizard Alvirex who launches creatures from safe below the surface. Mayor Andello has called on Goodman Whelk who hooked up with Captain Barbos, who sailed from Knessos in Magic Candle and he's brought back a hero--which one is up to you to decide...
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Keys to Maramon, The - DOS, Gameplay
DOS, Gameplay
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