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 Night Trap: Director's Cut

release year
 Digital Pictures, Inc.
 Digital Pictures, Inc.
genre / theme
 FMV, interactive movie, horror
 Sega CD (1992), 3DO, PC DOS, Sega CD 32x (1994), Macintosh (1995)
Night Trap was the very first game that used the FMV (full-motion video) technology with live actors. Although it didn't contain nudity or particularly gory scenes, it was considered one of the first games to have a mature content. Five girls go to a party to a nice house on a lakeside. Five girls disappear without a trace.Now another five girls go there, in order to spend the vacation with the Martins, the owners of the house, in particular with the lovely Ms. Martin. This time, you should not let them die a gruesome death!...
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