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 Nightmare On Elm Street, A

release year
 Westwood Studios, Inc.
 Monarch Software
genre / theme
 horror, movie inspired, top-down view
 PC DOS, Commodore 64
A Nightmare of Elm Street is an action game developed by Westwood, based on the movie of the same name, where the player attempts to free friends from the grasp of the evil Freddy Krueger. Find a way into Freddy's house on Elm Street, enter the Nightmare World, and fight him with unique powers or die trying...
rating (OldGames): 60%
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game added: 31.10.2011, 11:00 (dj)
last update: 31.10.2011, 21:02 (dj)
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Nightmare On Elm Street, A - PC DOS, Freddy Krueger
PC DOS, Freddy Krueger
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