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 Oil Empire

release year
 88th Panzer Division
 ABA Denver company, spol. s r.o.
genre / theme
 managerial, adventure, simulation
Oil Empire (with an unofficial subtitle "The world disasters, dead birds, love and hatred") is one of the most original Czech video games at all. Although the authors made ​​no secret of the inspiration with older title Oil Imperium, but his project adds a few other layers in the form of a completely different genres. At first sight, it seems point-and-click adventure game from their perspective, with searching and using objects and interact with the characters. Then comes the strategic elements - management of oil fields and drilling black gold itself, which already turns game in the genre of simulators...
rating (OldGames): 65%
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game added: 07.02.2013, 08:15 (dj)
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