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 Oil Imperium (Black Gold)

release year
 reLINE Software
 reLINE Software
genre / theme
 business simulation, managerial
 Amiga, Atari ST, PC DOS, Commodore 64
Oil Imperium (also known as Black Gold) is a business simulation game released by reLINE Software. The goal of the game is to promote and sell oil and defeat competitors using a number of fair and unfair strategies. A game move always takes a month, and each action in the game costs one or more days. There are four different game objectives to choose from: to play a three-year game, to survive the longest of all the game companies, to receive an 80% market share or to reach 60 million dollars. There are some game mechanic variations between the missions...
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Oil Imperium (Black Gold) - PC DOS, Title
PC DOS, Title
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