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 Orion Conspiracy

release year
 Divide By Zero
 Domark Software, Inc.
genre / theme
 sci-fi, space, aliens
 PC DOS, Windows
The Orion Conspiracy is the title of a graphic adventure computer game that was released in 1995. This was the first computer game to use the word `homosexual` to describe a character, as well as the first game to use the word `fuck` uncensored. The game also contains plenty of profanity. In the year 2160, the universe is run by corrupt corporations and governments that will do anything in order to get what they want. On a space station, Devlin McCormack has just buried his son, only to receive news that he was murdered...
rating (OldGames): 60%
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game added: 16.10.2006, 14:55 (dj)
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