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release year
 Phoenix Arts
 Vision Software
genre / theme
 sci-fi, real-time-strategy
Paranoia is the debut of Czech development team Phoenix Arts. It is a clone of the real-time-strategy classic - Dune 2, set in similar, sandy sci-fi environment, where spice is replaced by "hopsinky" - fruits of plants of strategic importance. The game contains 10 missions, in each should be possible to build the basic buildings (3), harvest hopsinky, expand and destroy the opponent. Graphics is in SVGA (640x480) mode, but without more detail and lacks a third dimension...
rating (OldGames): 50%
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game added: 29.06.2011, 14:32 (dj)
last update: 30.06.2011, 16:00 (dj)
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Paranoia - Výroba lehkých vozidel
Výroba lehkých vozidel
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