Pomsta Šíleného Ataristy (Multi Pascal 2.7) download

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 Pomsta Šíleného Ataristy (Multi Pascal 2.7)

release year
 Viktor Lošťák & Zdeněk Polách
 Viktor Lošťák
genre / theme
 text based, interactive fiction
 Atari 8-bit
Multi Pascal 2.7 or Revenge of the Mad Atarist, is original Czech text-based adventure for Atari 8-bit, developed by Viktor Lošťák and Zdeněk Polách in 1989. It is a classic text adventure, operated by commands from the keyboard. The whole game is marked by humorous style and story is set in the czech Atari club in Odry. The player is in the role of passionate atarist, that in one battle for new game lost his beloved Atari 800 XL and about bestial revenge...
rating (OldGames): 50%
rating (Users):
game added: 31.03.2011, 11:48 (dj)
last update: 04.04.2011, 18:55 (dj)
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Pomsta Šíleného Ataristy (Multi Pascal 2.7) - Atari 8-bit, Úvod - pri taxíku
Atari 8-bit, Úvod - pri taxíku
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