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 SunDog: Frozen Legacy

release year
 FTL Games
 FTL Games
genre / theme
 sci-fi, action, simulation
 Apple II (1984), Atari ST (1985)
SunDog: Frozen Legacy is a 1984 space trading and combat simulator video game. It was the first game produced by FTL Games. The player barters, buys and sells commodities, all the while fighting off pirates and thugs. Unlike other games in the genre, SunDog included two unique features, the ability to leave the ship and walk about the cities, and a series of missions that were completed through the commodities trading system. The game used a layered windowing system called ZoomAction. Inspired by the Apple Lisa user interface...
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SunDog: Frozen Legacy - Atari ST, SunDog - space ship
Atari ST, SunDog - space ship
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