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 Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue!

release year
 Learning Company, The
 Learning Company, The
genre / theme
 educational, logic
 PC DOS (1989), Macintosh, Windows (1995)
Midnight Rescue is an educational game created by The Learning Company designed to help strengthen children's reading and critical thinking skills. In this game, the Master of Mischief (Morty Maxwell) is planning to make the Shady Glen School disappear at midnight using invisible paint. He is hiding in one of five robots brought to life from paintbrushes to try to deceive the Super Solver. The Super Solver has a camera and he will use it to take pictures of the robots...
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game added: 13.08.2009, 12:24 (dj)
last update: 13.08.2009, 21:06 (dj)
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