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 Toxic Bunny

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 Celestial Games
 Vision Software
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 platform, side-scrolling
Toxic Bunny is a side-scrolling action computer game for DOS computers. Many say the game is a psychedelic parody of Epic Games character, Jazz Jackrabbit, due to similar gameplay and the fact that the main protagonist is also a rabbit. The premise of the game is that a bunny named Toxic has been transformed and is in a very bad situation and a really bad mood. The game covers more than four large levels in which Toxic hunts the person (or animal) responsible for interrupting his coffee break, brainwashing all his friends, and covering the planet with a decaffeinated goo...
rating (OldGames): 60%
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game added: 25.03.2010, 13:24 (dj)
last update: 04.09.2012, 21:35 (dj)
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Toxic Bunny - Toxic in first level...
Toxic in first level...
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