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Score 25

Score 25

release date: 05.01.1996
issue number: 25
price: 39 Kč
magazine added to 13.01.2010, 19:45 (dj)
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Coverdisk contents

Score CD 25 (58)

Coverdisk Score CD 25
  article name image type platform score reviewer game
11th Hour
 4 Recenzia PC DOS  20%  Andrej Anastasov (Andrew) Game on
3D Table Sports
 35 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS     
Allied General
 5 Recenzia PC Windows  90%  Jan Eisler (ICE) Game on
Anvil of Dawn
 6 Recenzia PC DOS  50%  Andrej Anastasov (Andrew) Game on
ARJ 2.50A
 50 Software PC DOS     
AVG 4.00 Freeware
 51 Software PC DOS     
Battle Isle III: Shadow Of The Emperor
 36 Hra: Demoverzia PC Windows    Game on
Black Knight
Black Knight SE: F/A-18 Flight Simulator v1.3 - Shareware
 53 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS     
BlackGammon v1.50
 52 Hra: Demoverzia PC Windows 3.x     
Boxes Two
Boxes II - Shareware
 54 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS     
Business Card
 55 Software PC Windows     
 37 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS     
Crusader: No Remorse
 38 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS    Game on
Dame Was Loaded
 39 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS     
Dungeon Keeper
 40 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS    Game on
Earthworm Jim
 7 Recenzia PC Windows  80%  Andrej Anastasov (Andrew) Game on
Face It
 56 Software PC DOS     
Flix Mix
 41 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS     
Football Limited
 8 Recenzia PC DOS  70%  Béla Némeshegyi (Bedla)  
Future Shock
 9 Recenzia PC DOS  100%  Jan Eisler (ICE) Game on
Gabriel Knight II
Hint Script - English
 27 28 Návod PC DOS    Game on
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
 29 Návod PC DOS    Game on
Mechwarrior II
 10 Recenzia PC DOS  70%  Jan Eisler (ICE)  
Might & Magic VII
 11 Recenzia PC DOS  50%  Tomáš Třebický   
Millenia: Altered Destinies
 12 Recenzia PC DOS  50%  Jan Eisler (ICE)  
Navy Strike
 42 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS     
NHL Hockey 96
 43 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS     
 3 Obsah      
Police Quest: SWAT
 20 Recenzia PC Windows  10%  Tomáš Landa (Silver)  
Police Quest: Swat
 31 Návod PC DOS     
Prince of Persia
 13 Recenzia PC DOS  90%  Andrej Anastasov (Andrew) Game on
Pro Pinball: The Web
 48 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS     
Rebel Assault 2: The Hidden Empire
 14 Recenzia PC DOS  40%  Jan Eisler (ICE)  
Rise 2: Ressurection
 44 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS     
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV
 15 Recenzia PC DOS  70%  Martin Fanta ()  
Score CD 25
 1 Coverdisk      
 16 Recenzia PC DOS  70%  Andrej Anastasov (Andrew) Game on
Kompletní řešení
 30 Návod PC DOS    Andrej Anastasov (Andrew) Game on
 17 Recenzia PC Windows 3.x  70%  Andrej Anastasov (Andrew) Game on
Silent Steel
 18 Recenzia PC DOS  10%  Jan Eisler (ICE)  
Star Rangers
 19 Recenzia PC DOS  80%  Jan Eisler (ICE)  
Steel Panthers
 45 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS     
Syndicate Wars
 46 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS     
The Dig
 21 Recenzia PC DOS  80%  Andrej Anastasov (Andrew) Game on
Theme Hospital
 47 Hra: Demoverzia PC DOS    Game on
 22 Recenzia PC DOS  70%  Tomáš Landa (Silver)  
Time Gate
 32 Návod PC DOS    Jan Tománek (Beast) Game on
Time Gate - Knight's Chase
 23 Recenzia PC DOS  80%  Jan Tománek (Beast) Game on
česká aj anglická verzia návodu
 33 Návod PC DOS    Radek Lukáš () Game on
Touché: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer
 24 Recenzia PC DOS  60%  Tomáš Mrkvička (Haquel P.Tickwa) Game on

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