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Nobunaga's Ambition
Nobunaga's Ambition, Play online - Nobunaga's Ambition (SNES) Play online - Nobunaga's Ambition (SNES)
Nobunaga´s Ambition is the first title in the series of turn-based grand strategy role-playing simulation video games. It takes place during the Sengoku period of feudal Japan. As the title suggests, the player is tasked with achieving the ultimate goal of warlord Oda Nobunaga: the conquest and unification of Japan. Selecting Oda Nobunaga is optional, however, as the player is also able to choose from a variety of other regional daimyos of the time. Gameplay is taken in turns, with each turn in the map view corresponding to a season and each turn during battle corresponding to a day...
last update: 10.06.2012, games played: 40 
Nobunaga's Ambition: Lord of Darkness
Nobunaga's Ambition: Lord of Darkness, Play online - Nobunaga's Ambition: Lord of Darkness (SNES) Play online - Nobunaga's Ambition: Lord of Darkness (SNES)
Nobunaga's Ambition - Lord of Darkness is the fourth in a series of turn-based strategy made ​​by KOEI, but the third game, which was translated into English. The game is practically the same style as the Romance of Three Kingdoms. The fundamental difference is that the game takes place in Japan and not China, generals (actually a Samurai) can not just hire, but you can only get the troops won the battle and the battle is divided into infantry, shooters and riders, which fundamentally affects thebattle tactics. The game was released only for the SNES console, has very good graphics for its time, stylish music and is overall a great progress from the first part...
last update: 19.07.2012, games played: 49 
Outlander, Play Outlander online (SNES) Play Outlander online (SNES)
Outlander is an action driving video game with a post-apocalyptic theme developed by Mindscape for the Sega Mega Drive and in Super Nintendo consoles. The game shares many similarities to the Mad Max film series, originally it was developed as "The Road Warrior" based on the Mad Max sequel, however near completion Mindscape lost the rights to the license and the title was changed. the player drives along a post-apocalyptic road in either first-person view (Megadrive) or third-person (SNES). Bikers and trucks attack the player's car with gunfire or ramming. To fend them off a car window is displayed allowing the player to fire a shotgun to the left or right. The car is also armed with a forward-firing machine-gun. Enemy vehicles destroyed in this way result in an explosion that may damage the player's car...
last update: 18.05.2015, games played: 83 
Pipe Mania
Pipe Mania, Play online - Pipe Dream (SNES) Play online - Pipe Dream (SNES)
Pipe Mania is a puzzle game developed in 1989 by The Assembly Line for the Amiga. It was ported to several other platforms by LucasFilm Games, who gave it the name Pipe Dream. Using a variety of pipe pieces presented randomly in a queue, the player must construct a path from the start piece for the onrushing sewer slime, which begins flowing after a time delay from the start of the round...
last update: 06.07.2011, games played: 86 
Primal Rage
Primal Rage, Play online, Primal Rage (SNES) Play online, Primal Rage (SNES)
Primal Rage is a traditional two-dimensional fighting game in which two players select characters to battle each other in one-on-one combat, or a single player finishes a campaign of fights against the CPU, over increasing difficulty. The final battle of the single-player game consisted of fighting all the other CPU monsters with an increased power bar, made available in a mini-game prior to the fight. A total of seven characters are available for players to select from (as listed below). Each character has his or her own specialized set of attack moves and abilities.
last update: 18.08.2011, games played: 633 
Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia, Play online Prince of Persia for SNES (flash) Play online Prince of Persia for SNES (flash)
The game starts with the Sultan of Persia being called away for a war in a foreign land. Sensing opportunity, the evil Vizier Jaffar seizes the throne for himself. The Prince is imprisoned, since Jaffar has designs on the Princess. The Princess is also imprisoned and is given an hour to decide: she would have to either marry Jaffar or else, die. The Prince therefore has 60 minutes to complete the game by saving the Princess and killing Jaffar...
last update: 23.11.2014, games played: 636 
Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame
Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame, Play online Prince of Persia for SNES (flash) Play online Prince of Persia for SNES (flash)
Similar to the first Prince of Persia, the character explores various deadly areas by running, jumping, crawling, avoiding traps, solving puzzles and drinking magic potions. Prince of Persia 2 is, however, more combat-heavy than its predecessor. In the first game, enemies appear only occasionally and are always alone, while in the sequel, up to four enemies may appear at once, sometimes flanking the player, and may even be instantly replaced by reinforcements when they are killed...
last update: 23.11.2014, games played: 360 
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II, Play online Romance of the Three Kingdoms II for SNES Play online Romance of the Three Kingdoms II for SNES
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 (released in Japan as Sangokushi II) is the second in the series of turn-based strategy games produced by Koei and based on the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Upon starting the game, players choose from one of six scenarios that determine the initial layout of power in ancient China. The player wins the game by conquering all territories in China. This is accomplished by being in control of every province on the map...
last update: 29.03.2012, games played: 147 
Sensible Soccer
Sensible Soccer, Play online - Sensible Soccer for SNES Play online - Sensible Soccer for SNES
Sensible Soccer (Championship Soccer '94) is a football/soccer game developed by Sensible Software and first released for Amiga and Atari ST in 1992. It featured a zoomed-out bird's-eye (top-down) view, editable national, club and custom teams (original game includes the 1992 European Championships) and gameplay utilising a relatively simple and user-friendly control scheme. The graphic style of the game was used in other Sensible Software games, such as Mega Lo Mania, Cannon Fodder...
last update: 10.07.2014, games played: 187 
Shadowrun, Play online Shadowrun (SNES) Play online Shadowrun (SNES)
Shadowrun is a cyberpunk fantasy action role-playing video game for the SNES, adapted from the tabletop role-playing game Shadowrun by FASA. The game is loosely based on the novel Never Deal with a Dragon by Shadowrun co-creator Robert N. Charrette and set in the year 2050. The player takes on the role of Jake Armitage, a man suffering from amnesia after having been critically wounded by assassins. The plot then follows Jake as he attempts to uncover his own identity and the identity of the mysterious figure who wants him dead, and eventually complete his mission...
last update: 08.08.2013, games played: 295 
SimCity, Play online SimCity (SNES) Play online SimCity (SNES)
SimCity is a city-building simulation game, originally developed by game designer Will Wright. The inspiration for SimCity came from a feature of the game Raid on Bungeling Bay that allowed Wright to create his own maps during development. The objective of SimCity, as the name of the game suggests, is to build and design a city, without specific goals to achieve (except in the scenarios, see below). The player can mark land as being zoned as commercial, industrial, or residential, add buildings, change the tax rate...
last update: 18.03.2013, games played: 205 
Space Invaders
Space Invaders, Play online, Space Invaders (SNES) Play online, Space Invaders (SNES)
Space Invaders is an arcade video game designed by Tomohiro Nishikado, and released in 1978. Space Invaders is one of the earliest shooting games and the aim is to defeat waves of aliens with a laser cannon to earn as many points as possible. In designing the game, Nishikado drew inspiration from popular media: Breakout, The War of the Worlds, and Star Wars. To complete it, he had to design custom hardware and development tools...
last update: 08.12.2014, games played: 64 
Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior
Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior, Play online - Street Fighter II (SNES) Play online - Street Fighter II (SNES)
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior is a competitive fighting game originally released for the arcades in 1991. It is the arcade sequel to the original Street Fighter released in 1987 and was Capcom's fourteenth title that ran on the CP System arcade hardware. Street Fighter II improved upon the many concepts introduced in the first game, including the use of command-based special moves and a six-button configuration, while offering players a selection of multiple playable characters, each with their own unique fighting style...
last update: 08.08.2011, games played: 1039 
Super Metroid
Super Metroid, Play online, Super Metroid (SNES) Play online, Super Metroid (SNES)
Super Metroid (Metroid 3) is an action-adventure video game and the third game in the Metroid series. It is an action-platform game which primarily takes place on the fictional planet Zebes, which is a large, open-ended world with areas connected by doors and elevators. The player controls Samus Aran as she searches the planet for a Metroid that was stolen by Ridley, the leader of the Space Pirates...
last update: 31.01.2012, games played: 3023 
Syndicate, Play online Syndicate for SNES Play online Syndicate for SNES
Syndicate is an isometric real-time tactical game from Bullfrog Productions created in 1993 by Sean Cooper. The game puts the player in charge of a self-named corporation in a gritty near-future cyberpunk-style world. Game play involves ordering a four-person team of cyborg agents around cities displayed in a fixed-view isometric style, in pursuit of mission goals such as assassinating executives of a rival syndicate, rescuing captured allies, "persuading" civilians and scientists to join the player's company or simply killing all enemy agents...
last update: 23.11.2014, games played: 40 
T2: The Arcade Game
T2: The Arcade Game, Play online - T2: The Arcade Game (SNES) Play online - T2: The Arcade Game (SNES)
A light gun arcade game loosely based on the film of the same name. The home console versions are called T2: The Arcade Game to avoid conflict with the platform games. The story of the game falls in line with the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day: to save the leader of the Human Resistance, John Connor, and his mother, Sarah, from the T-1000, a mimetic poly-alloy Terminator, bent on killing them both...
last update: 30.08.2012, games played: 143 
Universal Soldier
Universal Soldier, Play online, Universal Soldier (SNES) Play online, Universal Soldier (SNES)
Universal Soldier is console conversions of Turrican II for the Mega Drive and Game Boy, produced by The Code Monkeys for Accolade, who had kept the rights for the console ports of the franchise. You control Van Damme's character as he turns against his platoon and attempts to bring down the corrupt government organization that created him. Turrican's sprite was changed into a marine and several other substitutions were made...
last update: 25.07.2011, games played: 120 
Wolfenstein 3D
Wolfenstein 3D, Play online Wolfenstein 3D for SNES Play online Wolfenstein 3D for SNES
Wolfenstein 3D is a video game that is generally regarded as having popularized the first person shooter genre on the PC, created by id Software. Player is an American soldier named BJ Blazkowicz attempting to escape from the eponymous Nazi stronghold; there are many armed guards, as well as attack dogs. The building has a number of hidden rooms containing various treasures, food supplies, and medical kits, as well as three different guns and ammunition...
last update: 28.11.2014, games played: 225 
Worms, Play online, Worms (SNES) Play online, Worms (SNES)
Worms is an artillery video game developed by Team17, originally created by Andy Davidson. It is a turn based strategy game where a player controls a team of worms against other teams of worms that are controlled by a computer or human opponent. The aim is to use various weapons to kill the worms on the other teams and have the last surviving worm(s). It is the first game in the Worms series of video games and was initially only available for the Amiga. Later it was ported to other platforms...
last update: 20.08.2012, games played: 464 
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