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I like rpgs, both tabletop and computer-based.

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02.07.2013, 21:32 
I humbly request this game(s); I came upon this, and though i have played the game in the past, i can't recall if this was included. Check out the 2nd page of the catalog at the lower right box. Anybody know what is up with this? Thanks Dark Sun: Shattered Lands Grey Isles Campaign
Thanks! This states that; You should also be aware that anything to the right of the # to the end of the line is considered a comment as is totally ignored by DOSBox when it loads.
I mistakenly deleted by first question/post :( Could you give me an example? I did this #CALL DARKSUN.BAT game did not run then this CALL DARKSUN.BAT #-K911 no cheats were activated
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