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22.03.2014, 12:57 
Looks good, I'll give it a try soon. Do you guys plan to sell the full game?
09.03.2014, 12:15 
Hey, I just watched this review of Alternate Reality - The City: And after watching I very much want to try this game out. Any chance of getting a package here?
15.06.2013, 14:50 
Sorry to ask again, but I just discovered something important I think would be great to host here: Bard's Lore ( - downloads/manual/cluebook/maps available there They seem to be the only big decent 'games' to come out of the Bard's Tale Construction Set, I'm pretty sure if you copied the files into a folder already containing the BTCS files, it will run. Not sure about Bard's Lore 2 though. These look super rare and seem difficult to manually get working with DOSBox, so it would be great to have them both here to download. ShadowCaster ( Never played this, but it looks like a cool first-person action-y RPG, and it has made by Origin Systems on an early version of the DOOM engine. I'd really like to check this out and it would be awesome to have it here.
22.04.2013, 12:41 
Hey, this old DOS game is now freeware, it has an active community still going etc: Downloadable here: DOS settings here: Any chance of getting a pre-setup version here?
12.04.2013, 07:06 
Awesome, thanks for uploading it!
08.04.2013, 15:15 
Lol, sorry I get mixed up. Sorry to bother you again, have you heard of this game: Looks kinda similar to Captive II
27.03.2013, 16:59 
Is there any chance of getting the Apple 2gs version of Neuromancer ( here in a self-run package with Kegs emulator like Bard's Tale 1/2 and Dragon Age are here? You can get the rom here:
21.01.2013, 15:52 
Any chance getting this game here: I know it's supposed to be quite inferior to Wasteland (1988) but since finishing Wasteland I'm rather interested in giving it a go. Pretty please?
10.09.2012, 11:52 
Is their any chance of getting this great cRPG series here? It's definetely abandonware, and I found this semi-official website which offers all the manuals/covers/patches/documentation etc: It would be awesome if we could have simple set-up exe's with all the patches etc installed, apparently the games were quite bugged at release. We already have "Bloodstone" here on oldgames, which is part of the Magic Candle series: Pretty please?
Results: 9 [ 1-9/9 ]   «previous 0 next»

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