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29.05.2012, 23:36 
Hi, Thank you for your reply, i did as you suggested, but the level problem still prevails... I was wondering that do i have to install the game from cd-iso image which came with the package as well? I installed to game package itself, but not cd-iso image, because the install file doesn't seem to work with my Windows 7...
29.05.2012, 12:09 
Hi, How are you today? I am fine. Anyway, i downloaded Thunderscape from this site 2 days ago, game itself is running smoothly, no problems there. The real problem is that everytime i re-enter level where i just killed all the monsters previously, they seem to respawn, as well as the NPC's with their introduction dialogues, like i never have been in that level before. This really annoying when i want to go sell my goods to the previous levels i have to kill everybody all over again. Anybody have Thunderscape installed? I was wondering did i do something wrong with the installation process or something? Any help would be appreaciated. Thank you
Results: 2 [ 1-2/2 ]   «previous 0 next»

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