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|  Miguel Leal
08.09.2015, 21:39 
Thank you very much for uploading Whale's Voyage 2. One of the least known PC games in existence. Thanks for taking the trouble of uploading the english version.
|  Miguel Leal
02.08.2015, 13:34 
Thank you very much for adding this game. A great, mostly unknown classic. Here's to hoping that, one day, you'll also be able to add "Whale's Voyage 2". No-one I know has ever managed to play that game. Thanks for your work, DJ.
|  Miguel Leal
30.01.2015, 13:28 
I suspect this is one of the most obscure/bizarre PC RPG (in great part due to the setting). Thanks for uploading this.
|  Miguel Leal
19.12.2014, 13:47 
Thank you for making a Windows executable for this game. Now I can finally climb into the cockpit and reach for the stars!
|  Miguel Leal
18.12.2014, 21:34 
Thank you very much for adding this game! "Elite 2" was absolutely revolutionary for its time. Imagine a game capable of simulating an entire galaxy, with the ability to land in planets as well and to observe the the atmosphere while landing and taking off. Much bigger and complex than the original Elite. It's too bad that the game didn't create any followers. Games like "Privateer", who came after, were less advanced than "Elite 2" was. Unfortunately, it seems that even David Braben (the game's creator) has lost the programming sparkle. The recent "Elite 4", unlike all the previous versions, does not allow a single-player offline campaign. A major step backwards, in my opinion. And a decision that will prevent "Elite 4" from entering the Halls of Gaming Classics.
|  Miguel Leal
06.10.2012, 13:03 
I've been waiting YEARS to play this. :) Finally, my "Elder Scrolls" collection is complete! Thanks, DJ
|  Miguel Leal
08.09.2012, 13:09 
A sadly forgotten dungeon-hack from the Elder Scrolls universe. Thanks for bringing this classic to the light, DJ. :)
|  Miguel Leal
03.06.2012, 02:06 
It's been ages since I've been looking for this game. Thanks, DJ :)
|  Miguel Leal
12.10.2011, 21:11 
Thanks for adding the game, DJ.
|  Miguel Leal
17.05.2011, 21:35 
Thanks for the upload, DJ.
|  Miguel Leal
17.04.2011, 23:11 
A great, great classic. I first played it on the Amiga many, many years ago.
|  Miguel Leal
16.03.2011, 20:52 
I just want to add that this version does include the extra planes add-on. Two thumbs up. Another excellent addiction to the collection, DJ. :)
|  Miguel Leal
15.03.2011, 00:57 
What a brilliant simulator this one was (and ahead of its time). Filled with many planes to fly on, all with detailed cockpits. The tour-of-duty missions were also well made. I sure spent lots of hours playing this one. The B17 missions were very well conceived for their time (specially considering that "B-17" from Microprose only came out almost 2 years later). Thumbs up, if you're into WW2 flight sims. :) I wonder if this version includes the extra planes add-ons.
|  Miguel Leal
19.02.2011, 13:45 
Thanks for making the DosBox package, DJ. :)
|  Miguel Leal
01.12.2010, 17:14 
Thanks for the upload, DJ.
|  Miguel Leal
01.08.2010, 14:51 
Nice. Thanks, DJ. :)
|  Miguel Leal
01.08.2010, 00:47 
Do you think you could make a Dosbox Package for the CD-Rom version? Thanks in advance.
|  Miguel Leal
30.07.2010, 21:31 
Too bad this is not the full game.
|  Miguel Leal
21.05.2010, 20:52 
To DJ: I just found out that in DosBox0.72 the joystick works fine during flight. So, the joystick incompatibility must be related to something about DosBox 0.73. Do you think you may be able to make a game package correcting the issue? I guess it may be difficult or impossible, though. Thanks in advance for reading this.
|  Miguel Leal
10.05.2010, 21:08 
I've been trying to play the game with an USB "ThrustMaster" joystick. The joystick works perfectly in the game's menus. Unfortunately, during flight, I can't control the plane as it is always leaning right, making flight impossible. Can anyone help me, please? :(
|  Miguel Leal
08.05.2010, 18:11 
Thank you very much, DJ. :D
|  Miguel Leal
08.05.2010, 17:19 
Do you think you could upload the CD version? I heard it contains more data (voices, etc...) than the regular "floppy speech pack" version. Thanks.
|  Miguel Leal
07.05.2010, 16:51 
Thanks once again, DJ. Now i'm finally able to play this game. :)
|  Miguel Leal
30.04.2010, 16:41 
Thanks for adding the game, DJ. :)
|  Miguel Leal
14.03.2010, 16:59 
Finally, I can now complete my "Lands of Lore" collection. Thank you very much for uploading this, DJ. And thanks for the install tips.
|  Miguel Leal
10.03.2010, 21:44 
Thanks for uploading this game, DJ.
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