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Good news - DOSBox 0.74 has been released at last! More information and huge changelog are available at
Download link doesn't work (error 404):( Is it just me or...?
I'm interested, John.
Try ADD characters from the main SotSB menu instead of copying the whole SAVE directory (follow DJ's instructions first).
Thanks, DJ - it worked perfectly!
I have the same kind of problem as Oerdin. Can I send you my files, too?;) Or maybe you know any method to make character transfers possible?
28.06.2009, 14:43 
What about this one? ;)
DOSBox 0.73 has been released (tons of improvements etc...)! Could it be implemented in your installation packages or should we stay with the old (0.72) version?
Dear DJ, is it possible to add some stuff to your site? I cannot find any UPLOAD link here (or is it just your policy in the matter?) I have some very hard to find and rare things (most of them in RPG and Adventure genres) which could be useful to Oldgames community (for example, full original ISO's: Azrael's Tear, Ravenloft 2: Stone Prophet, Anvil of Dawn (full > 300 Mb version); Interplay's Lord of the Rings RPG Special Edition CD etc). It would be nice to have all that stuff here in your great install packages, isn't it?
Is there any difference between PC and Amiga versions of the Amberstar? I'd like to get maximum pleasure from playing this, so which version would you recommend?
Dear DJ, could you please make a package for the "Treasures of the Savage Frontier"? (I`ve noticed that you have the whole GoldBox games collection, except this one). Many thanks for your efforts!
Dear DJ, look, please, at your site main page: Wecome to DJ OldGames site. There's something wrong with the first word...:))
Well, Matt... maybe you'll stop messing around with this Amazon crap, please? BTW, I've bought Vivendi Sierra Collection recently - and I should admit that's a real piece of junk compared to great oldgames' releases. So Matt, could you be so kind and think twice before posting any amazon links here?
26.03.2009, 18:24 
An absolutely fantastic site! The best of its kind in the whole web (and believe me, I've seen ma-any of them - and still nothing compares 2 yours:))). Best wishes from Seychelles!!!
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