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22.09.2012, 17:36 
I have a question: If i download your port for Mac which is only episode 1 and i put original pc files with full levels will it start properly or i have to get original Mac files with other levels?
29.12.2011, 11:13 
Just type in google Ripper pc torrent and you will find it still alive somewhere.
Hey I know that the game in CD version is here but could you make an exe of Amiga CD32 version? And not in the premium section :>
Hey DJ i've got a question: why Your Warcraft CD version is only 57MB while mine PC CD version which I have is over 300MB ? 315 to be exact.
Yes I see now but why it is a premium download? The game is not being sold anymore.
Hey I heared that Future Shock and Skynet were merged into one CD version on which you could play Future Shock in higher resolution offered by Skynet. Could you please get interest in that and try to release such version?
Hey everyone there is a polish site which also has similar game politics to but they work on Amiga games only. I don't know if i can post a link here but You can delete it if it's forbidden:
06.11.2011, 09:27 
Thank you so much ;] I was browsing games and saw that there are only Syndicate and Syndicate American Revolt available. Is Syndicate Wars still in sales so that you don't have it in your collection? Because I tried to get the CD with a game but no luck :( I also wonder which version looks better PC or PSX? What's your opinion?
05.11.2011, 14:20 
Hey is it possible that Pray for Death a PC fighting game was in download section as exe?
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