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Thanks so much for all your brilliant work,this is my fav new site. If i may be so bold i have few requests; 1.Black Dahlia From the same company who made the Ripper-which was a pain in the ass to run on modern systems until i saw your release. Game can be found around but it's really hard to run it on XP,could you release a package like Ripper for this one too? 2.Dark Earth One of the greatest games of all time but to my knowledge it's impossible to run on modern systems and game is a really big rarity it would be a great addition here. 3.Transarctica&Starblade 2 hidden Silmarils games. 4.New Adventures of the Time Machine There is a 4 page manual available about 'how to run it on modern systems' but i still failed on my both attempts,when it got released game got great reviews so it would be nice to see it here with one of your packages. Hopefully you have the time to go thru your archives if not still thanks a lot for all your wonderful work don't think it's taken for granted,Take Care.
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